Worlds First Plant Advent Calendar Launches in the UK

The Urban Botanist


The Worlds First PLANT ADVENT CALENDAR is launched in the UK after many months of trials. With airplant Christmas Baubles, Potted Christmas Succulents, Potted Christmas Cacti, Fairy Lights, Rustic Merry Christmas Wooden Messages and much more! Many months have been spent researching and tweaking this unique advent calendar to include discreet light holes on the back of the calendar… to ensure your very hardy desert succulents and cacti receive the little bit of light they need to thrive and prosper ready to surprise you each day in December! They require no water for weeks at a time so do not worry – it is over watering that will rot these plants not lack of water. Urban botanist have 8 years experience of selling, packing, handling  and posting these amazingly strong plants – this really is a lovely calendar idea for all plant lovers… and the great news is each item continues to thrive long into 2022 making it a sustainable calendar as well.

Each item comes individually wrapped in classy Christmas tissue paper… on the bottom to ensure no movement or soil spillage during transit but leaving the plant itself open above the soil level to receive the light it needs to thrive. A truly unique, sustainable advent calendar for 2021! Introductory Offer- First 50 units reduced by £30 to £164.95

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