Why Trees Are So Important To The Environment?

We’ve been taught since childhood that trees are vital to our environment. They release oxygen which we breathe and they are a great resource for many of our products. We use them for shade, food, and fire. They also serve as a natural habitat for various animals and even some plants. All of these are pretty important reasons why trees are so valued around the world. But, unbeknownst to all of us, there are plenty of other reasons why these plants are so valuable to mother Earth and all of its inhabitants. While we may be constantly steeped in the world of technology, the trees surrounding us are fulfilling our various needs and ensuring our existence for years to come. Below, we provide you with several more reasons why you should plant and care for the trees in your environment.

Trees help fight climate change.

We already know that trees release oxygen and limit the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. They help prevent erosion and reduce the amount of air pollution in the environment. These wooden plants are able to absorb harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide while taking out toxic substances from the soil. All good things, yeah? But did you know that what comes naturally to trees can actually help us avoid impacts on our climate that could very well be catastrophic? In fact, scientists believe that a worldwide tree-planting program can effectively remove two-thirds of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. In short, tree restoration is key to ensuring the survival of our planet.

●     Trees conserve energy.

Trees provide us shade – shade for us, our homes, our streets, etc. In addition to that, trees also absorb a lot of light energy which reduces the amount of reflected heat “produced” by buildings, homes, and streets. This, in turn, reduces the amount of energy required to keep these infrastructures cool. In fact, when properly placed, trees can reduce the cost of cooling buildings by 30% and improves the efficiency of air conditioning units. Trees can also slow down winter winds which, in turn, reduces heating costs.  And when you heat or cool your house less, your heater and air conditioning units are not emitting greenhouse gases. In short, you’re contributing less to the greenhouse effect.

●     Trees save water.

Trees improve water quality which helps reduce water pollution. The roots can act as a filter, removing pollutants from the soil and the groundwater supply. This also reduces the amount of runoff that goes into sewers, streams, and rivers. And did you know that a large grouping of trees can help cause a significant amount of rain to occur to meet its own needs as well as that of the entire ecosystem? This is because trees get a lot of water from the ground which evaporates through its leaves, resulting in precipitation. Not only that, scientists have found that certain species of trees can help improve water efficiency which is essential in areas experiencing scarce water resources.

Trees strengthen the community.

Aside from keeping us cool and removing pollutants from our environment, trees also promote good health in a variety of ways. A lot of species have medicinal properties such as oil derived from birch bark which has antiseptic properties.

●     Trees protect us from UV rays.

Trees can decrease the amount of UV exposure by nearly 50%. When we have trees surrounding our parks, playgrounds, and other areas in the city, we are able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about skin cancer.

●     Trees improve our health.

The health effects include lower blood pressure, slower heart rate, and lower stress levels. In fact, this relaxing effect has been studied in various individuals. For hospital patients, research has shown that a view of trees helps them recover faster than without. Children with ADHD, on the other hand, seem to be able to focus better when they spend time outdoors surrounded by trees.

●     Trees help reduce violence and crime.

Research has shown that communities that have no trees seem to have a greater incidence of violence and more crimes compared to communities that have higher levels of greenery.

●     Trees have a personal value.

An urban woodland helps bring a community together. It provides children with a sense of adventure. Family and friends can get together to walk in the woods and/or watch birds. The long lifespan of trees also serve as living memorials of events within the community, even something as simple as carving your initials. Moreover, communities tend to bond together in order to preserve trees in their area.

Trees are good for the economy.

●     Trees provide economic opportunities.

Trees are a great resource for many commercial products. Some trees produce fruit that can be harvested and sold. Wood is a good source of fuel as well as construction material. Wood pulp, on the other hand, can be used to produce paper. The inner bark of some trees can be used as an ingredient to make rubber.

Aside from their commercial viability, trees can be a good business to be in right now. In fact, tree service businesses are profitable enterprises. Certified arborists can help maintain trees, keeping them healthy and safe for everyone. These professionals are also able to help salvage trees, mitigating any damage done to them by a strong storm.

●     Trees improve property value.

People like living and working in areas that have a high level of greenery. Properties that have well-maintained landscapes tend to be valued 20% higher. According to Money Magazine, landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100-200% at selling time. Almost all realtors agree that trees have a strong impact on the sales appeal of homes.


About the author:

Christina is a marketing and communications expert with 15+ years of experience. She started her career as an assistant and grown to leading marketing positions in different companies, mainly in IT industry. She currently works for Arbostar, a business management software for tree service and landscaping industries.
Christina enjoys sharing her knowledge and motivating people. She likes reading fiction and suspense novels. Seafood lover and wine connoisseur. Family and nature are her main sources of inspiration.

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