When to stop mowing?


In the world of lawn care, one of the simplest yet most effective techniques for maintaining a lush lawn is mowing. But, have you ever wondered about the right approach to mowing in preparation for winter? When should you bid farewell to your mower for the season? The Lawn Association has some expert guidance to share.

Brrrrrrrr… Lawn Care in November?
While the colder months might make you want to retreat indoors, it’s crucial to remember that our gardens, including our lawns, require attention even during autumn and winter. When the morning dew settles and temperatures start to drop, it’s a clear indication that it’s time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter. Surprisingly, this preparation includes mowing. In the context of late-season lawn care, mowing is less about aesthetics and more about preserving the health of your lawn. As long as the grass is still growing, you should continue mowing.

Mowing in the Cold Months
Believe it or not, depending on the type of grass in your lawn, it may continue to grow, albeit slowly, even during the mid-winter chill. So, don’t hesitate to give your mower a little exercise! Adhering to the guidelines below will help keep the grass blades dry and at an ideal length to prevent disease and ward off moss invasion.

1. Regularity

  • Keep the cutting height on the higher side.
  • Avoid mowing in frost, snow, or extremely wet conditions, as this can harm the soil, grass, and mower blades.
  • The frequency of mowing should be based on the rate of grass growth. During the mid-growing season, you might find yourself mowing once a week. In milder mid-winter conditions, a monthly mow may suffice.

2. Blade Maintenance

  • Always ensure your mower blades are sharp. A sharp blade delivers the best results and ensures a healthy lawn. Over time, subsequent cuts with a dull blade will yield progressively poorer results, making blade sharpening essential.

At the Lawn Association, our core mission is to provide accurate and accessible lawn care information through our website and our Free Membership Scheme, catering to gardening enthusiasts who seek to nurture a vibrant and healthy lawn.

For more lawn care insights and tips, please visit our website and explore our Free Membership Scheme, tailored to empower gardening enthusiasts with the knowledge to achieve a beautiful, thriving lawn.

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