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When other contractors affect your work

So, I was parked up on a communal garden scheme and had left my bin next to the van while I had the mower out cutting. Upon my return to the van I found that my bin had been stuffed with a load of curtain rail packaging. Now I had noticed another van parked next to mine and it dawned on me that the guy had been going in and out of the flats with long boxes of something, obviously doing some work inside. The cheeky so and so had dumped the waste in my bin and driven off. Nice.

Not the first time this year I’ve had liberty taking contractors working on my sites. The one before this was a fencing bloke who took to emptying his cement wheelbarrow out on the lawn. Not too hot on backfilling the fence holes either as we found out when we ran a mower past a couple of days after he had finished. Luckily no damage to the blades but we did have to stop and clear stones and clay away a little too often to be a ‘missed’ post when the clearing up was done.

My latest one though is kind of the last straw. We’ve had the builders in doing an extension on the back of a house on a communal gardens site. They had cordoned off a large area of grass for building materials, waste storage and a skip. After several months they have now left the site. Unfortunately their rubbish has not all left with them and the grass has been left to grow over by itself. It’s right next to the car park and there is no way it can be cut without endangering the cars, too many stones and bits of rubble.

So what to do about it? Well not a lot really. I’m probably going to point it out to the management agency, but indirectly, by not cutting it and claiming I thought they were coming back to reinstate it. I’ve found in the past that a pro active call to complain only looks bad on me so I let them make the first move.

As to why it’s happening more frequently? I can only assume that the contractors are being pressured to put in quotes that are too cheap and they end up having to cut corners. The economy again I guess. The funny thing is that what the client saves on the builders is going to have to go towards me re-instating that grass.

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