What to do with your wooden planters over winter?

Wooden planters add interest to a garden and can make any drab corner look sophisticated, and vibrant within minutes particularly in the colder months when gardens tend to look sparse and devoid of colour.

The perfect combination for any planter at this time of year has to be a structural evergreen plant such as a dwarf conifer like Ellwood’s Gold or Picea albertiana ‘Conica’ that could also double up as a mini-Christmas tree with cyclamen, winter heather or winter-flowering pansies. A trailing plant such as an ivy completes the look.

But, if you are thinking of planting up this weekend, you might want to take into account the following advice from Forest Garden, the UK’s leading and most trusted manufacturer and distributor of quality wooden garden products.

“Wood has a certain amount of natural elasticity so is resistant to freezing soil but after a year of temperatures fluctuating, joints can become weakened. Make sure that you check your planter carefully before use and repair any joints that may need attention,” said marketing manager Jenny Davis.

“Wood also requires treating annually with a preservative to protect it from discolouration and decay. This application also gives it that all-year-round colour that looks perfect in the garden at this time of year. An annual application of a wax or oil-based weatherproofing finish will also help to stabilise the movement of a product ensuring that it looks great and lasts even longer. It’s worth investing in garden planters like those from Forest Garden that are pressure treated to protect against rot and come with a 15-year ant-rot guarantee,” she concluded.  

For those not wanting to use their planters over the winter months, it’s recommended that containers are either left only half full to allow for soil expansion or emptied completely, washed and stored in a cool dry place.

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