Watering cans :A refreshing change

Watering cans

At elho, we love to bring a refreshing new look to every home and outdoor space and the 2017 collection of elho watering cans does just that.

Every unique design features an ergonomic grip and practical spout and of course, all are manufactured with recycled plastic in a range of stylish colours. Additionally, plant sprayers are available adding even more style to plant care.

The perfect addition to the 2017 collection of pots and containers, elho watering solutions are designed to function perfectly and look fantastic.


Watering cans





Inspired by nature and designed by Robert Bronwasser, the elho Plunge watering can features a wide opening that reduces the risk of spillage and a slender spout for precise watering.

Width Height Litre RRP
15 30.2 1.7 £8.99
Colours: warm grey, soap, ochre and royal blue

Watering cans


There is a simple reason why we love the Aquarius watering can – it’s simply the best it can be. A classical and timeless design, with an ergonomic, comfortable handle and a spout that pours, without dripping. Perfection!

Watering Can
Width Height Litre RRP
36 X 12 19.9 1.5 £5.99
46 X 15 25.2 3.5 £7.99
Colours: white, anthracite, cherry and lime green


Width Height Litre RRP
12 x 9 25.3 0.7 £4.99
Colours: white, anthracite, cherry and lime green

Watering cans

Pour a little fun into the home with the stylish B. For Soft watering can. With soft lines, a silky matt finish and super comfy handles in contrasting colours, it’s easy to add another dimension to plant care.

B.FOR Soft Watering Can
Width Height Litre RRP
29 X 13.5 17.2 1.7 £8.99
Colours: anthracite and nude and vintage blue and white

B. FOR Soft Sprayer
Width Height Litre RRP
9.5 18.9 0.6 £6.99
Colours: white and anthracite, anthracite and nude, vintage blue and white

Watering cans


Minimal design with maximum style is the hallmark of the elho Brussels watering can. Designed to complete the timeless Brussels range, this watering can will look at home in any contemporary interior.
Brussels Watering Can
Width Height Litre RRP
33 X 13.5 17.9 1.8 £7.99
Colours: white, anthracite, living black and soap

Brussels Sprayer
Width Height Litre RRP
11.5 X 9 22.9 0.7 £6.99
Colours: white, anthracite, living black, soap, mint and deep marsala

Supporting retailers to inspire consumers

Design means a lot to elho, which is why they make sure that retailers benefit from stylish display and point of sale materials that help inspire customers. From floor standing to table top, displays showcase what elho do best – create eye-catching, contemporary, functional and stylish plant care solutions.

More info:
Patty Willems, PR Manager. E: patty.willems@elho.nl. W: www.elho.com.
F: www.facebook.com/elho

About Elho
Elho is the European expert with 50 years’ experience in the development, production, marketing and sales of synthetic pottery and related products. Every year Elho launches dozens of innovations that continuously inspire the consumer with well-designed, functional and colourful products. Elho has been in the UK for over 15 years and works in partnership with garden centres and all outlets to create enticing instore displays that excite the consumer and lead to more sales per square metre.



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