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With the recent bouts of dry weather, droughts and hosepipe bans, water, or the lack of it, has been a hot topic of conversation over the summer. As the weather cools down and we see more rain, it’s important to remember that houseplants still need a regular top up of water, though – for neglected houseplants it can feel as though there is a never-ending drought!

Sustainable plant pot manufacturer elho has a practical range of watering systems to provide a convenient and effective way to give plants the love and attention they deserve, while helping to conserve water, only giving plants what they need to thrive. They require minimal effort, and are suitable for every type of plant and plant parent.

Self-watering inserts

The self-watering insert is a useful watering aid as it fits neatly into plant pots and has a handy water meter which indicates when the device needs topping up with more liquid. Once replenished, the water will be drip-fed to the plant when it needs it most, meaning plants will be taken care of for weeks to come without needing to have any attention from plant parents.  

The ingenious self-watering insert is available in seven sizes, including 17cm, 21cm, 24cm, 28cm, 33cm, 36cm and 43cm, fitting neatly into most elho indoor plant pots. The insert also comes in living black, a neutral shade, making it a subtle addition to your pots, offering a practical watering solution without compromising on style.

Aqua care system

Much like the self-watering inserts, elho’s aqua care system offers a simple way to ensure plants get the right amount of water they need to grow and flourish at all times. Simply fill the ball with water, place it deep into the soil at a slight angle, and let it do the rest. The aqua care will release water whenever necessary to ensure the plant’s soil doesn’t dry up, which is especially helpful to those who overwater their plants in fear of the soil becoming too dry!

It also includes design features like a wide spout to ensure it doesn’t get clogged up with soil, so it can be left to look after plants without constant checking. It’s available in transparent, as well as lime and eggplant for those who prefer to add a pop of colour to brighter colours in their homes. Made from 100% recycled, robust materials, the aqua care system from elho will be keeping both indoor and outdoor plants happy and hydrated year after year.

Greensense aqua care

With an integrated water reservoir and handy water meter, plant owners no longer have to worry about plants going thirsty as elho’s greensense aqua care pot regulates the water for the plant itself and the indicator clearly displays when it needs a top up. The pot also comes equipped with a plug, which can be removed when being used outdoors, to allow excess water to be drained, and inserted for indoor use. Its handy wheels also make it easy to manoeuvre into the perfect spot.

The greensense aqua care pots also offer a stylish and sleek design, with its natural rough texture offering a rugged concrete look and the light concrete and charcoal grey shades achieving a contemporary statement to gardens, balconies, terraces and indoor spaces, especially when planted with architectural plants and grasses. Its round design is available in sizes ranging from 30cm to 43cm and the square design from 30cm to 38cm.

For more information please visit www.elho.com

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