Water conservation in the garden

We all know that water is a precious, essential resource. However, as it seems to be so freely available, and with the UK having a relatively rainy climate, it is easy to take it for granted. However, there are already parts of the UK that are suffering from shortages of water, known as water stress, and UK water demand is set to rise in the next few years, making matters even worse.

The water conservation charity, Waterwise, states that as demand rises and resources become more scarce, it is vital that people use water efficiently. This helps to protect natural water supplies, such as rivers, and the wildlife that rely on them for survival.   

Leading sustainable plant pot manufacturer, elho, is committed to creating products with nature in mind. They are made using 100% wind energy, are 100% recyclable and are made from 80% recycled plastic. As part of this commitment to the environment, elho is also enthusiastic about encouraging more conscious gardening and the wise use of natural resources, such as water.

green basics rain catcher – available mid- January

With this in mind, elho has expanded its water collecting range, launching a new compact, 35-litre rain catcher to help gardeners manage their water use more sustainably.

The rain catcher features a tap at the ideal height for holding a watering can underneath and will fit all standard drainpipe sizes. The minimalist design makes this rain catcher an attractive addition to a garden, combining sleek good looks, practicality and eco-credentials. This slim size is perfect for small gardens or balconies, so is ideal for people who have found traditional water butts too cumbersome for their outdoor space in the past. The lid is easy to remove and replace for cleaning, and it benefits from an overflow opening.

green basics rainbarrel

The rain catcher joins the new rainbarrel in elho’s water conservation range. This is a much larger water collector, with a 200-litre capacity. The rainbarrel has the unique addition of a planter attached to the top, so that it can be brightened up with plants and flowers.  It is also possible to attach a garden hose to the tap for sprinkling flower beds. The green basics rainbarrel automatically fills up during a shower, and when it’s full it will simply let the surplus water out through the drainage overflow. As with the rain catcher, the rainbarrel can be placed in full sun, as the UV-filter will prevent the colour from fading.

With just a few tweaks to our lifestyles, we can all do our bit to help save water, and elho is helping us to do that in the garden, no matter how much space we have.

For more information please visit www.elho.com


Rain catcher:

RRP: £69.99

Rainbarrel :

RRP : £132.00


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