Do you want to take card payments on the go?

With the UK and other countries becoming an increasingly cashless society it’s obviously important for businesses to be able to take card payments wherever they are.
You don’t have to be an established and large business to take payments, we can help New Starts and sole traders/partnerships as well as Limited and corporate companies. Cash is not king anymore as it’s not a flexible as having a PDQ/card machine that you can take anywhere with you to your place of work. Whether you are a landscape gardener or a retailer the low pricing and great terms we can get for you will enhance your business.
If you have delivered a service or product then you should be paid straight away, this is the beauty of having a mobile payment solution.
With settlements being made daily to you direct to your bank account this also helps cashflow, it’s the same with over the phone payments and online payments which we can help with as well.
We can help all types of businesses and have access to all acquirers in the UK and the EU
If you currently take card payments it’s worth getting a new quote as 8/10 times we can save customers up to 40% with the most FLEXIBLE terms going.
You want to keep your business lean and flexible so there is no need to tie yourself into long term deals with fees, if you would like a quote please visit or call for a no obligation chat here 03301 330 560


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