Versatile Convenience. Mountfield MM2605 Multi-tool

The gardening calendar provides an abundance of tasks, each determined by those seasonal changes which prompt our departure from the armchair down to the garden shed, only to emerge armed with a multitude of tools to combat one overhanging branch, that overgrown hedge or waist-high brambles.

If you’re new to gardening, or maybe it’s your first home or allotment, purchasing multiple tools to carry out occasional tasks such as pruning, hedge trimming or strimming can be a little daunting and costly. Fear not, there’s a range of multi-tools on the market, which as the name suggests, tackle a variety of tasks, save valuable space and expenditure.
So let us take a look at the Mountfield MM2605, 5 In 1 Multi-Tool.

The Mountfield MM2605 Multi-tool set boasts 5 different attachments which when coupled to the powerful 25.4cc two-stroke petrol powerhead, will enable you to quickly and effectively tackle the majority of garden maintenance tasks thanks to the 0.7KW power output.
The machine features the traditional manual choke and recoil start setup and an ample fuel tank capacity of 0.65ltr, supplied factory set and ready for use after some basic assembly if you’ve purchased online. You don’t need a degree in engineering to assemble the parts, as the supplied instructions are simple to follow with all tools provided in the box.

The supplied attachments.

Other than the powerhead, Mountfield supply you with five lightweight attachments including a pole pruner, extension bar, hedge cutter, lawn trimmer and 3 toothed metal blade.

The 40cm pivoting hedge cutting head features reciprocating blades with single blade covers, and the 180-degree adjustment is ideal for cutting at ground level or awkward cutting due to obstacles.

There’s also a 25cm pole pruner, fitted with 3/8” chain providing fast, accurate and controlled cutting from the safety of the ground. Should you require some additional height, the kit also includes a 70cm extension pole.

Lastly, we have the lawn trimmer or strimmer attachment as it’s commonly known, complete with a Tap & Go nylon head. Just a quick bump on the ground as you edge and the auto-feed head releases more line on the go. Should you wish to tackle thick vegetation, you can remove the Tap & Go head replacing it with the supplied metal blade.

The Verdict.

The Mountfield MM2605 performed well across all tasks using each supplied attachment, without any noticeable loss in power plus it was surprisingly lightweight for an entry-level machine.
Mounfield has delivered a great product, without compromising on quality given its competitive price within the market. The ability to own one machine with the versatility of five separate machines will undoubtedly appeal and meet the needs of the homeowner.

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