Using Design to Boost the Chances of Selling at Asking Price

Putting your house on the market is a big step. The popular quote “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses” rings true, as the rooms are part of the key essence of a home. But when you’re looking to get your home sold at optimum value, every single room of the house has its part to play.
The interior design is the magic that helps someone imagine themselves living in the house, envisioning the potential it has. It can make or break an offer, or even the amount of people who come to view your home.
How can you make sure each room is as special and unique as it can be.
Colour Palette
First impressions count. Give the walls a lick of paint, all over the house. Neutral colours are generally recommended, as they will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Of course, they can come in and change the colours if they move in, but neutral colours like light browns, beige, grey and white can be the most inoffensive colours to appeal to the majority of buyers, and provide a solid foundation to build on with more colourful furniture in the room. You may love a certain shade of pumpkin orange, but it’s important to bear in mind you need to appeal to the masses when getting your home ready for sale.
Declutter First
Most homes contain too much furniture, an amalgamation of things we have collected and amassed over the years. Try walking into your house as if you’re doing so for the first time – if something needs changing or is not right – you may find it beneficial to do small tweaks.
Consider removing a few items of furniture if they feel mismatched to you, and placing it into storage or out of sight. If a dining table chair was broken a year ago, think about investing in a new one that closely resembles or matches the current one. Tidy away any toys, and remove any unnecessary items from your bedside tables. Trust your intuition – if any furniture gives a
tacky or tired feel to the home, change it.
Make the Bedroom Photo Ready
Does your bed look like the type of room you’d like to see when looking at potential properties? One tip is to use a duvet cover which is larger by one size than your duvet. This causes the bed to look bigger than it is, making it more luxurious and visually appealing. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom and one of the first pieces that a buyer will notice. Yes, they won’t be
purchasing the bed, but it will make the room feel more expensive.
Show off the potential of the space of the bedroom to potential buyers. Make sure there is as little clutter in the room as possible, so buyers can envision themselves living in the spot without distractions from lots of clutter. Does an item in the bedroom not have a purpose? Remove it.
Set a High Standard of Living (Room)
Again, make sure your lounge is as neutral as possible when it comes to selling your home, as they are highly unlikely to put off a buyer. If you portray a high standard of living, buyers will assume that they do may achieve a high standard of living. Change curtains that don’t compliment your colour scheme, and ensure your lighting creates a feeling of harmony. Light a
few candles on viewing days and open the curtains to let the light in. Fill a vase with a fresh set of flowers.
If you’re selling in the winter and the nights are drawing in, lamps can add a warm, cosy feel to your home. Set a focal point, too, whether it be a plush corner sofa, a stone mantelpiece or a large mirror on the largest wall, it will help to dictate the rest of the furniture placement and the layering of your living room.
Invest in furniture which complements the entire aesthetic of the house, whether that be scandinavian greys or rustin architecture. Choose quality over quantity, and don’t try and cram cheaper furniture and sculptures into one space to make it look lived in and lively – high-quality pieces which fit the decor will serve your purpose better.
Scrutinise Your Kitchen
Rearrange your pantry and cabinets to make them more orderly. An attractive kitchen is essential for valuation surveyors – it’s the heart of the home, after all. Improvements such as new flooring, cabinet doors, surface tops and fitted furniture can make every nook and cranny look fantastic.
If a kitchen looks like it needs a lot of work, it’s the area that potential buyers will scrutinise and zone in on as it can be expensive to fix. If the cabinets just need a refresh, you can get a completely new look for them at an affordable cost by painting the cabinets and adding new handles. New tiling will also instantly update and freshen up the kitchen.
Let your Bathroom Shine
Replace old windows which are looking tired. Make sure that there is adequate lighting, too. One of the most important things for a bathroom is for it to look more spacious. To add to that, consider adding another mirror to enlarge the space more. Install an extraction fan in the bathroom too, not just the kitchen, for ventilation.

Showers can look a bit drab after a good few years of use, so consider upgrading yours. A brand new shower will automatically make your room look shinier, brighter and more inviting. Also think about how much you’re storing in your bathroom -toiletries, any duplicates you’ve stocked up on, towels, toilet roll etc can stack up fast. There’s no such thing as having too much
bathroom storage, from freestanding cabinets to custom-made units for those awkward to fit
spaces. Shelving is also an added bonus.
Don’t Forget Your Garden
A tidy and well looked after garden can add a huge deal of value to a property. Outdoor spaces are thriving as an alternative to indoor kitchens and living spaces this year. With the Olympics, Euro Championships and Wimbledon all coming up in 2020, if you have a garden which is large enough to have an outdoor dining space, it’s worth considering this before viewings. It will help potential buyers visualise living there, and help turn your house into a real home.
Most home buyers will look online before going to a viewing, so a great interior design should not be left until viewings start. People want to imagine themselves living in your home, and a great interior design can make all the difference in turning a prospective house into a home.
While superficial elements might not directly affect the value of a property, it can certainly affect it selling at the optimum price that’s right for you.

By Julie Yarwood, Interior Designer at Housing Units

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