UK mowing season found to last 233 days

A survey carried out by leading lawnmower manufacturer Cub Cadet has found that the lawn mowing season in the UK lasts 233 days.
The 2017 research is part of an ongoing project to investigate how changing weather patterns are impacting grass growth and lawn mowing activity in the UK.
According to the survey the most popular date to start mowing was found to be Sunday 26th March. At the end of the season the most popular day for putting away the lawnmower was Thursday 2nd November.

It also found that the average span of days between first and last mow was 233 days, meaning that mowers are out cutting for approximately seven and a half months of the year.
The shortest phase entered by a participant was 148 days from Lancashire, and the longest was 349 days further down south in Shropshire where their mower was still going at the end of the survey in mid-December, including New Year’s Day in 2017!
The majority of lawns had their final cut in the fortnight between 23rd October and 5th November.

Cub Cadet have been making lawnmowers since 1961 and has something for gardens of all shapes and sizes, from innovative variable speed walk behind mowers to an extensive range of new cutting-edge ride-on lawn tractors.
In order for Cub Cadet to generate year on year comparisons and to analyse the ongoing impact of weather conditions they are inviting people to submit their lawnmowing dates again this year. The 2018 survey is now live for people to enter their dates again, allowing Cub Cadet to generate year on year comparisons and to analyse the ongoing impact of weather conditions.
To participate gardeners simply complete a form online telling Cub Cadet the date of their first mow and then again at the end of the season. In return Cub Cadet is offering one lucky participant £50 worth of National Garden Gift Vouchers to be redeemed at garden centres across the country.To submit your first mow date please visit . Cub Cadet will then remind you later in the year to also submit when your last mow takes place.
For more information about Cub Cadet please visit


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