Turbo charge your GYO aspirations with new SuperSoil from The Real Soil Company

Spring has sprung and gardeners’ sap is rising – but before we don our wellies and dig for victory, it’s time to breathe new life into nutrient-depleted soil by unleashing the magical power of all-new SuperSoil from The Real Soil Company.

Nutrient rich SuperSoil – a peat-free, organic and veganic topsoil blended using natural components to enrich and enhance the soil – used on produce beds, borders and raised beds in spring offers a multitude of benefits. The natural topsoil will contain beneficial bacteria and fungi which naturally help the plant to ward of many pests and diseases without gardeners having to resort to chemical solutions, while digging-in SuperSoil enriches plots with organic matter, boosting soil structure and leading to bountiful flowers, fruit and veg. Not only does new SuperSoil lock-in moisture by reducing evaporation – a real bonus during last year’s warm, dry spring – but it shields root systems from summer heatwaves and the ravages of winter cold.

The Real Soil Company’s Simon Hedley said: “With the trend for organic and natural gardening accelerating, SuperSoil holds the key to shunning chemicals while its moisture-retaining abilities helps gardeners to cut their reliance on hosepipes, easing pressure on mains water supplies. We’ve had a cold, wet winter that has seen heavy rainfall wash vital nutrients from soils. The Real Soil Company’s pioneering SuperSoil contains everything that eco-friendly gardeners need to enrich soil, putting flowers and veg in pole position for rapid, healthy growth this spring.”

The Real Soil Company – for the environmentally-friendly gardener

The hero of The Real Soil Company is the natural components which are added to enrich and enhance the soil. These natural ‘boosters’ provide quicker plant establishment, better resilience against pests and disease, whilst also enabling edible crops to benefit from nutritional enhancement and a higher crop yield.

Meeting and improving on the BS3882 standards for compliance and reliability, The Real Soil Company offers a number of other key benefits including 100% natural ingredients and material traceability. The enhanced soil also offers better water retention and release for optimum plant growth, whilst also providing a more balanced and workable material for gardeners.

This wondrous SuperSoil with its high phosphorous content consistently outperforms other topsoil brands, stimulating plant respiration and growth and providing the perfect foundation for luxuriant foliage and vividly coloured flowers.

How to identify top quality topsoil

Did you know that a typical bag of topsoil from the garden centre or DIY store Is likely to have a very high sand content and include wood fibre and very often low-quality peat? Did you also know that many so-called best-selling topsoils are little more than blends of 80% sand and 20% green waste compost soil substitutes? Priding itself on providing enriched soil (sourced from Kettering Loam in Northamptonshire, famed for its balance of sand, silt and clay), and only enriched soil, The Real Soil Company has created this handy guide to identifying the best of the best when it comes to topsoil.

Things to avoid:

  • On average topsoil weighs 1.2 tonnes per cubic metre (if your bag of topsoil purports to contain more than 25 litres then it is very unlikely to contain natural topsoil)
  • High stone content or too low stone content (some stone is necessary for drainage and to help retain warmth in the soil)
  • High volumes of woody material (which will continue to decompose and rob your plants of the very nutrients that they need to thrive)
  • Contaminants

Things to look out for:

  • The origin of the soil – if possible, ask the topsoil supplier where the product has come from and also whether all aspects of the product have the same origin.
  • Look out for the supplier’s soil analysis as this will include all the scientific data to support the quality and results promised. Highlights from The Real Soil Company’s report can be seen here.

Find out more

To find out more about The Real Soil Company please visit www.therealsoilcompany.co.uk or email info@therealsoilcompany.co.uk

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