Truly Marvellous Feedback Of The ‘True Garden Range’

The Lawn Association has been proud to offer a truly remarkable and, most importantly, sustainable gardening product this year and the feedback as been amazing!

The ‘True Garden Range’consists of three products, each of which are a soil conditioner and fertiliser in one and have been formulated using recycled food waste. Rich in amino, humic and fulvic acids, and containing all the essential minerals, vitamins and N, P & K required to aid and increase the plant’s healthy growth, root development, disease resistance and overall function, this range has been revolutionary!  Additionally, the ‘True Grass’ also has mycorrhiza present.  The use of sustainable gardening products such as ‘True Garden’ are more important than ever in our fight against climate change and the role of growing your own plant-based food is imperative if we are to limit our  carbon emissions, carbon footprint and use of plastics.  It also goes without saying that gardening as a whole helps us as individuals in promoting improved mental health and wellbeing.

Within the range are three tailored products, for specifically targeting certain areas of the garden:

• True Grass for your lawns

• True Bloom for flower beds, pots, and hanging baskets

• True Yield for the vegetable plots, fruit trees and bushes  

Happy customers have come back to the Lawn Association team to tell them how pleased they have been with the results!  Please see just some of the reviews below…

Fuller plants, faster growth than control pot that didn’t receive any fertiliser. Coleus was much less leggy than the control pot.” (See image below) – Alys

I always grow busy Lizzie’s and this year I used true bloom and I still can’t believe how big and healthy they look!” – Amanda

” A large yield and heavier branching and side shoots” – Michael

This exciting new sustainable product range comes in a compostable tube with a recyclable applicator. See the whole True Garden Range on the Lawn Association link here: 

Our core mission at the Lawn Association is to make accurate lawn care information readily available via our website and through our Free Membership Scheme for gardening enthusiasts. Go to the @LawnAssociation Facebook page to join the Lawn Enthusiasts Group, and get free association membership via the website,

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