Tracked Mini Transporters take the strain of moving heavy loads

Mini Transporters

If you are doing a lot of barrowing of heavy materials, your mind soon starts to think of getting some kind powered means of transport to ease your back. Steps, inclines and very uneven terrain all cause problems for the humble wheel barrow. Something with a powerful engine and a set of tank tracks, but narrow enough for restricted access is the obvious answer. Ibea mini Transporters are a “must have” for anyone wanting to maneuver a range of masses across a rough piece of land, up steps, over kerbs and obstacles.

Ibea’s exceptional handling sets it apart, due to their straightforward, uncomplicated, easy to get to grips with controls, which make them a joy to handle.

Mini Transporters
With models from 300Kg capability to 600Kg capability and hydraulic or manual tipping choices on the market and expandable bed style and dumper bed option.
Made entirely in Italy with a proved log of dependability and strength using bolstered steel crawler tracks and with costs beginning at only £2185+vat.they are appropriate for many budgets and applications.

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Read more about the IBEA range here


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