Top watering tips to keep houseplants happy and healthy

Watering houseplants may seem like a simple job and with many houseplant care guides recommending a regular watering routine, plant parent newbies may think that their journey to a flourishing interior jungle will be a simple one.

But, with so many different varieties, every houseplant has its own set of needs and not all will need the same amount of water. It’s important to understand what works best for each to avoid over or under watering, both of which can be equally damaging.

To help houseplants flourish, Haws, purveyors of the finest, hand-crafted watering cans, has shared some watering wisdom for a few of the most popular varieties, so plant fanatics can enjoy their leafy friends in all their green, luscious glory.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Native to Western Africa where it grew in rainforests, the fiddle leaf fig plant appreciates a regular dose of liquid love to keep it happy and healthy. During the summer months, its best to water weekly or when the top inch of soil feels dry, but it’s important to water less frequently in the winter months, during dormancy, to avoid the growth of diseases. Instead, a regular misting will help to top up its humidity and keep the plant moist without soaking the soil.

The Haws Smethwick Spritzer is the perfect mister, offering a fine spray to tropical houseplants, gently topping up their humidity whilst keeping their leaves dust-free. It also adds a touch of gleaming elegance to the home, with its metallic finishes – brass and copper – fitting perfectly into the homes of design -savvy plant lovers.

Snake Plant

Dracaena trifasciata, commonly known as the snake plant is one of the hardiest species of houseplants, with its stiff, sword like leaves easy to grow yet are indestructible. They can usually last around two weeks without watering, no matter the time of year, and favour small amounts of water as its soil needs to be completely dry to avoid the growth of rot or disease. If the soil still feels wet after two weeks, it’s best to hold off until it’s bone dry.

When it comes to watering a snake plant, though, it’s best to water it from the bottom. Simply place the pot on a saucer filled with water and wait for the roots to soak it all up. This will help the roots to grow downwards, encouraging its infamous tall, sturdy leaves!

Peace Lily Plant

Relatively easy to care for, the peace lily is a great choice for those starting their houseplant collection with a droopy stem acting as a clean sign for a top up of water. They also favour moist soil to keep them feeling fresh, but make sure the top layer of soil is dry before watering.

For a directed waterflow, Haws’ Fazeley Flow boasts an elegantly curved non-drip spout, delivering pinpoint accuracy, which helps plant lovers to keep their botanical beauties happy without having to clean up splashes of water. Available in hand-polished copper and a choice of colours of galvanised steel, including green, sage and graphite, it provides a stylish statement that should be shown off in the home.

For more watering tips, follow Haws on Instagram and to discover its range of indoor and outdoor watering cans, please visit

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