Top 5 winter gardening tasks for January


With Christmas and new year over it’s time to do some work in the garden to save last year’s plants and prepare for next years. Here’s the top 5 tasks for January

5. Service machines

January is a great time to get on with servicing your mower fleet (assuming that you are doing it yourself) Don’t leave it till February as it’s not unknown to start laying the stripes at the end of Feb if the weather is mild enough

4. Clean the greenhouse

If you are growing for resale or personal use, January is the quietest time for the greenhouse and a great time to have a good clear out. If you are lucky enough to have a grape vine in there, now is the time to start thinking about pruning it

3. Order seeds

When it comes to the garden failing to plan is planning to fail. Start browsing the catalogues to inspire your new season of growth! Seed sowing schedules and crop rotations are the order of the day!

2. Protect ponds

If you have a pond or maintain a garden with ponds then this is the danger time of year. If the pond completely freezes over for more than a couple of days then thaw a hole by placing a hot bottle on the ice to let air reach the pond surface.

1. Protect plants

Use fleece to cover the not so hardy specimens and move any pots to the greenhouse or cold frame. If there is a heavy snow make sure to brush it from branches and specimen leaves.

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