Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Plant Lovers

With the festive season fast approaching, Morris Hankinson director of Hopes Grove Nurseries has put together his top 10 Christmas gift ideas for different types of plant lovers – from lavender plants for those who enjoy practising mindfulness, to hawthorn plants for wildlife enthusiasts.

It comes as online searches for ‘Christmas gardening gifts’ and ‘Xmas gifts for gardeners’ have risen by 700% and 600%, respectively in the last three months. Searches for ‘Christmas gardening gift ideas’ have also seen a 100% increase YoY

  1. For the person who needs to unwind and embrace mindfulness

    Lavender – When you think of stocking fillers, you might think of candles, face masks, wax melts, bath bombs, and other gifts designed to help people relax and unwind. If you want to stick with this theme but step outside the box, why not buy someone a lavender plant?

    Lavender is considered to be a very relaxing plant with a powerful scent. It’s also a calming lilac colour that looks beautiful in any garden. Buying lavender plants for someone gives them several ways to unwind and relax: Firstly, gardening and planting are considered to be a mindful activity. Also, it’s very easy to make lavender tea using fresh lavender from the garden.

    However the person you buy for decides to use their lavender, they’ll be thanking you for years to come!
  2. For the next star baker

    Fruit trees – Are you buying a Christmas present for someone who wants to be the next Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood, but sick of buying recipe books and baking kits? Have you considered gifting a fruit tree this year?

    Owning and growing a fruit tree is a labour of love, much like baking is. Plus, they can grow their own fruit such as apples, pears, cherries and plums to use in their delicious pies and desserts. It will give a whole new meaning to the words ‘home made baking’.

    Fruit trees are definitely an outside the box gift for any baker because they’re the gift that keeps on giving. While many baking kits are only able to be used once, a fruit tree will produce delicious fruits year after year.
  3. For the love of your life

    Magnolia tree – As lovely as jewellery, perfume and bath bombs can be, you may want to buy something more symbolic for a partner, especially if you’ve recently moved in together and are now sharing a home.

    A way to symbolise your love is to immortalise it in a tree. That’s right, if you’re looking to buy a gift for your partner that’s completely outside the box and different from any other gift, then consider buying them a magnolia tree.

    Planting the tree is something you can do together, and as it grows, it will represent your relationship growing and thriving. Plus, magnolia trees produce beautiful white and pink flowers that will add beauty and elegance to your garden – what more could you ask for in a Christmas present!
  4. For the one who wants to get into gardening

    Gardening starter kit – As Christmas marks the end of another year, people tend to look ahead and think about the future. If you’ve heard a friend or family member talking about how they wish they could do more gardening or become better at it, why not buy them a gardening starter kit for Christmas?

    With your gift, they could learn a new skill and enjoy a brand new hobby! So what should you include in a gardening starter kit? Gardening tools are a must, along with soil, compost, plant pots, watering cans and seeds or plants of your choice.

    As you create your gardening starter kit, make sure you pay attention to when specific seeds and plants should be planted as you don’t want them to have to wait months to be able to get started!
  5. For the person whose house always smells amazing

    Hyacinths – Are you buying a gift for someone who always uses candles, reed diffusers and air fresheners? The chances are, they’ll also want their house smelling as good outside as it does inside.

    Instead of adding more candles or reed diffusers to your basket, consider buying them outdoor plants that smell fragrant. Hyacinths are a great gift idea because they have a very powerful scent that will spread around the entire garden. They’re often considered to be a mixture of sweet and earthy, with hints of spice too.
  6. For the the gardener without a garden

    Peace Lily – Despite the name, gardening isn’t just for people who have gardens. Plenty of people enjoy maintaining and growing plants indoors too – in fact, indoor plants make excellent Christmas gifts!

    One of the most common types of indoor plant for offices and homes is the Peace Lily. They’re evergreen and very easy to care for, which makes them an ideal gift. They’re a mixture of dark green and vibrant white, making them an eye-catching centrepiece for any office or living space.

    Whether you’re buying a Christmas gift for a colleague, or buying a gift for someone who has no garden, Peace Lillies are the one for you.
  7. For the budding chef

    Chives, Parsley, Thyme and other herbs – When you think of Christmas, one of the first things people tend to think of is food. From roast turkey and pigs in blankets, to food gift sets and recipe books, Christmas is the best time of year for any foodie.

    So, if you want to think outside the box and gift a food lover something that doesn’t come from the supermarket shelves, why not give them their own herbs, spices and even vegetables to grow from scratch?

    You could choose a selection of their favourite herbs, or mix it up and buy them something they may not have tried before! Some herbs and spices you could gift include: chives, thyme, parsley, curry plant, sage, chillies, basil, coriander and more!
  8. For the animal enthusiast

    Hawthorn plants – Are you buying a Christmas gift for the next David Attenborough? Perhaps in the past you’ve bought birdhouses, feeders, ornaments or wildlife books, and now you’re looking for another gift that’s sure to encourage animals to visit them.

    Gifting a plant that encourages wildlife is a great present idea for animal enthusiasts. Hawthorn plants are ideal because they can be grown into hedging which provides shelter for wildlife, keeping them safe and comfortable.

    Hawthorn plants also bear delicious red fruits that will provide a source of food and nutrients to local wildlife.
  9. For the one who wants to take gardening more seriously in 2023

    New gardening tools – Do you have a friend or relative who’s already set their new year’s resolution to take gardening more seriously in 2023? Whether they’ve never gardened before and want to revamp their garden, or have dabbled here and there but are ready to get stuck in, one of the best Christmas gifts you can buy them is a new set of gardening tools!

    Some staple gardening supplies every gardener needs include: Gardening gloves, hand trowel, spade, hand fork, watering can, secateurs or shears, and more.
  10. For the one who wishes it could be Christmas everyday

    Holly Are you buying a gift for someone who’s crazy for Christmas? Why not buy them a festive plant gift that they can love all year around?

    Holly plants are ideal for plant lovers who like to get into festive spirit early as they’re evergreen! During the Summer months, holly produces gorgeous white flowers to brighten up the garden, and in the Winter the holly plants will bear delicious berries the recipient can enjoy!

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