Three essential winter garden maintenance tasks!


As winter arrives and gardens slowly become dormant for the winter, it might seem like the perfect time to retreat indoors. However, seasoned gardeners know that the colder months offer an abundance of opportunities to get prepared for spring and give the garden and your home’s exterior some much-needed TLC! Ladder expert Henchman, explains the top tasks you should complete this winter to get your garden in top shape before spring comes around again.

Pruning trees and shrubs

Winter is actually the ideal time to prune trees and shrubs as it’s easier to see their shape and structure without leaves, allowing a clean, precise cut. Pruning in winter when plants are dormant can also reduce the risk of disease transmission and mean the plants have a better chance of regrowing healthily come spring. Focus on deciduous trees and shrubs, fruit trees and roses and make sure to do it on a mild day when temperatures are above freezing so it doesn’t put the plant under undue stress. Although winter pruning can be more aggressive than in the warmer months, be careful not to over prune and use sharp clean tools to reduce the risk of damaging the rest of the plant.

Clearing gutters of leaves and debris

During the winter your homes and gardens are much more prone to collecting clutter as poor weather can often bring unwanted debris such as fallen petals, leaves and twigs. Clogged gutters can cause leaks, water damage and can ultimately lead to serious damp issues in your home. When freezing temperatures arrive, this stagnant water and debris can freeze, creating further risk of water damage and becoming harder to remove. Use a sturdy ladder to work around the building, scooping out as much debris from the guttering as possible. Next, wash them out with a hose and use a stiff brush to remove any stubborn grime and check for any leaks or damage as you work. 

Cleaning home exterior and garden structures

With fewer jobs to do in the garden, why not take the time to give windows and door frames a good clean? This can not only enhance your property’s curb appeal ready for the influx of guests over the festive season but help keep your home energy efficient and keep your heating bill down!

During the darkest days of winter, you’ll want to let in as much sunlight in as you can! Giving your windows a good clean is a great way to brighten up your living space, especially those that face the garden so you can enjoy nature from the warmth of the inside. If you have a conservatory or greenhouse, don’t forget to pay attention to roof panels, too, as this will let even more sunlight in so that both your plants and you can benefit from the extra Vitamin D! For cleaning windows indoors, we recommend the 5ft or 6ft Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder, but if you have particularly tall windows or want to reach the second floor, the range goes as high as 12ft!

Choosing a reliable and safe ladder

Undertaking these tasks in cold and icy conditions can be hazardous, especially if they are not done with the right equipment and safety precautions. A secure and dependable ladder is essential especially when working at heights on potentially slippery surfaces, Henchman’s Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladders are designed to offer safe, wobble-free working conditions and minimise the risk of accidents. Each leg is independently fully adjustable to accommodate slopes, and unlike traditional step ladders which should only be used on flat hard ground, the Henchman Tripod ladder has been expertly designed to be used on soft, uneven ground. It has extra-wide, clawed feet with a large surface area that distributes weight evenly, preventing sinking and minimising slippage during wintery conditions. The ladder comes in sizes from 5ft to 16ft, so no task will be out of reach!

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