This no dig, easy-up garden pond helps encourage wildlife and mindfulness

AN EASY to install pool that’s ideal for all outdoor spaces offers the perfect way for people to attract wildlife to their gardens while helping to encourage emotional well-being too.


The Affinity Living Feature Pool from one of the UK’s leading water garden experts, Blagdon can be erected anywhere in just a few hours and is both wildlife-kind and human-friendly.

Designed specifically with easy set-up and maintenance in mind, it enables those with both larger country gardens and smaller urban pads to enjoy a living water feature without the hassles or issues normally associated with traditional ponds.

Blagdon Development Manager, Andrew Paxton explained: “Water is one of the most fascinating and relaxing elements that you can incorporate into your garden. Whether it is a still pond that reflects everything around it or a gentle fountain, it holds a fascination for both the young and old. What’s more water gardening is a pleasure that can be enjoyed and afforded by all.


“Ponds are a magnate for wildlife with shallow areas used by bathing and drinking birds, emerging dragonflies. Deeper areas help aquatic insects survive cold spells and are good places to watch fish swimming.


“Moving and still water features are good for humans, and the Japanese are big advocates of the emotional well-being that can be derived from them. Water in the garden provides a calming and positive aura and watching the wildlife visiting or living in a pond or listening to the burble of water can help with meditation, mindfulness and our mental well-being. It also helps lower your heart rate and reduces the everyday stresses and strains that we all have to deal with in our increasing technology-driven and busy lives.


“The introduction of new pool designs in recent years that offer a full life support system such as our Affinity Living Feature Pool have revolutionised water gardening. These advances mean that water features can be created with ease, even on small patios in city settings.”



The Affinity Living Feature Pool is a ‘take away, plug and play’ fish pond and water feature with everything contained in an easy to carry carton.


Its features include:


  • Viewing windows made from shatter proof PVC, so you can see water-life underwater as well as from above
  • Planting baskets to add more life and colour to the pool
  • Three fountain displays and elegant waterfall (waterfall is an optional extra in octagonal pool)
  • An LED spotlight to ensure the feature pool extends into a stunning night time and winter display
  • A fibre reinforced liner
  • A rust-proof aluminium frame
  • All-in-One low voltage pump, filter and lighting ‘Life Support System’.

Andrew added: “Our Affinity Living Feature Pool is great for anyone who wishes to have a living feature in their garden with minimal effort and they are especially entertaining and educational for families with young children when adding fish. They are also great for those looking to create an easy to maintain wildlife haven. Our pools are also perfect for those seeking to create an oasis of tranquillity and calm and for home improvers wishing to add character to their homes.”



The Affinity Living Feature Pool is priced from an SSP £269.99.


For further details and national stockists, which include aquatic product retailers within many good garden centres nationwide, please visit


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