There’s still time to rid slugs from your plot and pots!

Slugs can be active throughout the year, but they cause the most damage when the weather is humid and wet.

The slimy gastropods will make a meal of a huge variety of vegetables, even when you think that your plants are large enough to have escaped the threat. They will munch through peas, beans, lettuce leaves and tomatoes, and are partial to underground potato tubers; so even plants that you think are safely buried underground are at risk from the hungry pests. This is because, at any one time, 95 percent of the slug population lives underground, feeding on plant roots and potatoes.

The answer to stopping further damage is easy as watering on a simple, environmentally sound, pest control product – Nemaslug. Not only are nematodes extremely effective when they come into contact with slugs, but they can also reach the places that other slug control methods simply can’t.

When nematodes are watered on, they don’t simply lay on the surface of the soil like pellets and other pest control options do, they travel down through the soil to the pest and attack them before they get a chance to damage your plants. Also, nematodes are naturally occurring worms already present in the soil, so using Nemaslug helps top them up!

Gavin Wood, business development and key account manager for nematodes, said: “Unlike pellets, Nemaslug can be used as a preventative pest control, so even if you are lucky enough to have not seen any damage caused by slugs, treating the garden to a dose of Nemaslug will keep the critters at bay before they become a real problem. All of our nematode products are organic, pet and child friendly and easy-to-use.”

The best time to target slugs is when they are newly hatched, so the period between March – October is ideal. A regular regime of using Nemaslug every six weeks is the most effective way to protect plants throughout the growing season and will help to ensure that your vegetables survive long enough for you to eat them!


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