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The Real Soil Company: responsibly sourced every time

In a saturated marketplace, suppliers are constantly vying for the attention of retailers (and consumers). Whilst peat-free is the order of the day, there are still significant gaps in knowledge and misunderstanding around the provenance of growing media. Recognising this, The Real Soil Company – the brand behind organic SuperSoil – is on a mission to create complete visibility surrounding its products and hopefully offers retailers important peace of mind.

Waste soil = gold for garden retailers

One of the many reasons for a move away from peat is that the harvesting process is continually removing a natural finite resource which cannot be replaced. With every bag of growing media contributing to this issue, suppliers from across the market have had no choice but to look to more sustainable solutions.  In the case of The Real Soil Company, they turned to the legacy of its parent company, Boughton.

From Boughton’s headquarters in rural Northamptonshire the company has been creating organic ‘as dug’ topsoils for decades and from this science the The Real Soil Company’s garden retail offering was born.

The material used in all The Real Soil Company’s topsoil products istypically sourced from pre-construction and construction sites from the counties surrounding Northamptonshire. Not only are these topsoils completely natural, organic and peat-free but they are, in theory, a waste product and not drawn from finite sources. So, whilst surplus to requirements on the construction site, these repurposed soils are a golden opportunity for brands such as The Real Soil Company.

Once removed from site, The Real Soil Company’s soil scientists closely inspect and screen the material before use. It is important to note that recycled soils are never used as they cannot be relied on to be of a consistent quality.

Simon Hedley, Managing Director The Real Soil Company said: “There certainly is not enough awareness about the provenance of our product and why its origins should make a difference when choosing a topsoil supplier. We work hard to protect the world around us and are proud to be repurposing so-called waste material from construction sites. It is, however, important to reiterate that our products suffer no detrimental impact from using this material. In fact, all our products utilise ‘single source’ or ‘as dug’ soils which provide us with greater consistency and complete traceability, as well as ensuring that we always use 100% organic and nutrient rich peat-free soils.”

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The Real Soil Company portfolio


The original SuperSoil from The Real Soil Company has been ‘super charged’ with organic single-source plant-derived materials that are expertly blended with the finest natural topsoil.  This exceptional formula consistently outperforms current market-leading topsoils in its phosphorous, potassium and magnesium content, plus organic matter which improves soil structure, water retention and drought tolerance. SuperSoil is also free of the low-quality inorganic fillers which so many soil brands rely on to bulk out their bags.

Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil

Teeming with organic nutrients for optimal plant health, specialist Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil perfectly blends 100% natural topsoil with 100% organic peat-free compost that is PAS100 certified. Entirely free of chemicals or artificial fertilisers, each bag incorporates slow-release nutrients, trace elements and minerals to continually boost plants throughout the growth cycle. Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil will also improve soil type and structure, helping it to retain more water whilst offering better resistance against pests and diseases.


Brand new for 2023, all-in-one SuperLawn is a rich blend of natural topsoil, soil improver and horticultural sand, delivering the ideal ground for perfect garden lawns. Teeming with slow-release nutrients, trace elements and minerals, SuperLawn will improve the soil structure and give lawn grass the best possible start, without the use of artificial fertilisers or added chemicals. As well as opening up more opportunities for peat-free, organic gardening, SuperLawn will help extend the lawncare sales period into autumn.

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