Natural healthy root structure in trees is the key to greater take up of CO2

The revolutionary British growing system used in 40 countries worldwide.

Two separate reports published in the last three months by researchers in Germany and Holland have given a ringing endorsement to a UK designed and made horticultural pot. Both concluded that the revolutionary design actively enhances the growth of plants. In the Dutch trial trees cultivated in Air-Pot containers grew over 60% faster than trees in the open ground. A separate trial of five different growing systems in Germany found that the Air-Pot system was the only one that did not cause serious lifelong damage to roots, and that the Air-Pot grown trees grew 40% faster after being planted into the landscape.

Tony Kirkham, the head of the Arboretum at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is one of the system’s greatest champions and comments:

“When you buy a car, it’s important to look under the bonnet and see the engine. A tree is no different – it is the root system which powers the growth of the tree. Look after the roots first to secure the long-term survival of the tree. That is what the Air-Pot container does, it develops radial, healthy roots to ensure that trees thrive for generations to come.”

At Kew Gardens they now use Air-Pot containers to grow more than 3000 different species of plant.

In standard pots tree roots circle – an unnatural and permanent deformity that inhibits the uptake of nutrient and water, slowing growth and making the tree more susceptible to disease and death.

As confirmed in the trials the innovative design of the Air-Pot container eliminates root circling and stimulates the tree to grow healthy roots. Better aeration also allows the tree to absorb more nutrient and water leading to faster growth, better health and increased sequestration of CO2. The planting of trees is key in combating climate change and the use of Air-Pot® containers can dramatically improve the effectiveness of this strategy. Already their use is leading to the sequestration of thousands of tonnes of additional CO2 each year.

Air-Pot containers are manufactured in Scotland from recycled plastic and are reusable multiple times.


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