The NEW Somerset Heritage Colour Collection Emerges From Lockdown

In March Thorndown launched the new Somerset Heritage Colour Collection at The Garden Press Event in London before the country entered lockdown. This beautiful Wood Paint collection compliments the 48 strong core colour chart, adding soft tones of the natural world from muted stone to river blues and greens of the field and country.

During lockdown the factory continued to make and deliver paint direct to buyers doors. Colours from the new collection proved very popular and demand continues to grow.

The 18 new colours are made to the same high standards with the finest ingredients that have been selected to produce the best results with the lowest impact on the environment. Architectural exterior-grade VOC free colour pigments are used that perform at the highest levels in weather-resistance and lightfast tests, meaning colours stay strong and true for many years. This high-performing Wood Paint works brilliantly on all types of wood, is hard-wearing, highly water-repellent and perfect for use indoors and outside on everything from fences to planters and garden buildings.Thorndown Wood Paint is available for Dropship, Trade and Wholesale. Compared to  other leading high street brands it is competitively priced and performs brilliantly. Profit margins are healthy and quality consistently high.


All of the colour charts are fastidiously colour corrected so that the printed version is as close to the paint colour it can be. However we use a blend of 16 colour pigments to create our paint colours so an exact match on paper is near impossible. You can order a colour chart with painted veneer strips for accurate colour representation.



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