The Lawn Association celebrating ‘Organic September’ with True Grass


‘Organic September’ is here and the Lawn Association team know that working with nature rather than against it is always the key to successful, sensible and sustainable lawn care!

Sustainable and organic gardening are similar and often work hand in hand. They are more than just a trend, and are a responsible way to cultivate plants while preserving our environment. By prioritising eco-conscious practices such as composting, natural pest control, and rejecting products such as synthetic polymer coated fertilisers that poison our lawns and gardens, we can reduce the negative impact on our ecosystem.

Going native for sensible lawn care
With the change in climate and the fluctuating weather that we now have on a regular basis, grass can get confused. It is no wonder then that grass species are important when it comes to helping these plants along in our gardens. Native grasses adapt well in the UK, no matter what the weather. Our UK fescues and bents are a much more sustainable way to go when planning your lawn.

TRUE is revolutionising sustainable gardening
Nothing screams ORGANIC quite as loudly as the True Garden Range. This product says goodbye to chemical fertilisers and offers a game-changing organic alternative with TRUE Grass. This sustainable and earth-friendly option not only nourishes your grass but also enriches your soil for long-lasting health.

True Grass fertiliser is made from recycled food waste, which breaks down into useable minerals and vitamins. It also contains humic, fulvic and amino acids, as well as seaweed, mycorrhiza and an organic wetter. Sustainable, organic and rich in all the essential elements key to healthy grass and soils, True Grass is the sensible choice for kind lawn care.

Sustainable lawn care promotes responsible land stewardship, educating us on the importance of long-term harmony between human cultivation and the natural world. Let’s make a positive impact on our environment, one garden at a time.

Our core mission at the Lawn Association is to make accurate lawn care information readily available via our website and through our Free Membership Scheme for gardening enthusiasts.

Go to the @LawnAssociation Facebook page to join the Lawn Enthusiasts Group, and get free association membership via the website,

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