Katie Reynolds Design Ltd launches this month, an exciting new addition to the interior and garden design scene in Scotland. Interior design and garden design are usually considered as two separate professions due to the skill sets required; indeed there are currently no other designers in Scotland working in both areas. Katie Reynolds Design has dismantled those
perceptions to give clients a unique offering, providing professional services in both sectors.
Katie trained in Interior Design at the prestigious KLC School of Design London, where she gained Distinction, and Garden Design at the National Design Academy, where she was highly commended for the standard of her portfolio. She works with layering colour, scale and texture in both her garden and interior designs to create an environment which uniquely reflects the client and is specifically tailored to how they use their house and garden. This month marks her formal launch now that she is fully qualified, officially opening her business to clients across Scotland.
The importance of good design at home has really come under the spotlight in recent months, with the majority of the population spending more time than ever at home. Whether it’s creating a dedicated home office space, making better use of the garden, or undertaking a complete house or garden redesign, householders are realising that changes need to be made to their homes and gardens to maximise their potential. Transforming an interior and garden can have such beneficial consequences to the way we work, relax and spend time in our homes.
Katie Reynolds comments, “Houses and gardens are not just spaces; through good design they can inspire and define you. When an indoor and outdoor space are taken into consideration together by one designer, the result is hugely transformative and your home has a level of cohesion that would not otherwise be achieved.”
Facebook: @katiereynoldsdesign Instagram: @katiereynoldsdesign

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