The latest gardening gadget your Dad will love this Father’s Day

Honda’s Miimo robotic mower is an ideal present for gadget-mad Dads this Father’s Day.  Miimo uses the latest Honda technology to take care of your lawn day and night, so your Dad doesn’t have to worry about it.


With a five year warranty and Honda’s current summer savings offer of £400 off all the machines in its robotic lawn mower range, meaning you can get a Miimo for dad from £1,399 (including VAT).


Once the Miimo is installed it needs minimal human interaction to ensure a beautiful lawn. Miimo cuts little and often, typically mowing just 2-3mm of grass at a time, several times each week, meaning less stress on the grass and a healthy growth.

The clippings it creates are so small that they do not need to be collected and are dispersed into the lawn root system, breaking down quickly to act as a natural fertiliser which improves the health and quality of the grass.

Miimo is self-charging, powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery, and uses a digital signal – for superior performance. It navigates the garden through an intelligent combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback, working within a boundary wire installed under the ground or in the grass around the perimeter of the garden, detecting the signal from the wire and staying within it.


Safety is assured through the use of sensors when approaching an obstruction, the Miimo will automatically divert its course to avoid it. If anyone picks it up, it immediately detects the movement and stops the rotation of the cutting blades. It also sounds an alarm which can only be stopped when its unique pin number has been accepted, providing added security against theft.

There are three Miimos in the Honda range, the HRM 310, 520 and 3000. These robots can mow from 1,500m² up to an acre with ease, giving your dad more time to relax and enjoy his garden

Visit the Miimo Lawn Planner to map out your garden and find the most suitable Miimo for your lawn –

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