The Brand New Online Lawn Care Course

The Lawn Association team are proud to announce that they successfully launched their brand-new online course on the 20th January!  The Level 1 Course will be the first of a series of learning tools aimed at keen home gardeners and also professionals.

The aim of the course is to provide an easy way of establishing an essential foundation of knowledge and skills.  It will teach good modern lawn care and help to clear up many of the confusing myths centred around looking after lawns that have circulated over the years.

David Hedges Gower, the founder of the Lawn Association states “The best lawn care comes from the informed blend of practical and sustainable practices. We are already living in a new and forever changing climate which threatens all aspects of the world around us.  But grass has survived on this planet for millions of years and our lawns will too, providing we take a practical and realistic approach.  Our objective with this course is to offer clear, concise information to support those who desire happy and healthy lawns, long into the future.”

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