Terrain Aeration Offers 10% Discount on Terralift Aeration at Futurescape


Terrain Aeration, the leading experts in one-meter deep aeration solutions, is excited to extend a special 10% discount on their highly-effective Terralift aeration treatment to visitors at Futurescape. The Terralift system is designed to tackle issues in areas where compaction and panning have led to ground flooding and water retention. It is also the ideal solution for treating areas around trees that have suffered from heavy foot traffic or vehicle movement, resulting in compacted and impermeable surfaces. Terrain Aeration’s Terralift treatment is widely applicable, covering a range of areas such as sports pitches, amenity spaces, racecourses, bowling greens, parks, National Trust gardens, and even the private gardens of newly constructed houses. Essentially, it is suitable for any location where standard aeration methods prove insufficient due to the depth of compaction.

The Terralift machine utilizes a probe to reach depths of up to one meter, where compressed air is released. This process effectively breaks up the underground compaction and initiates the formation of a network of cracks and fissures. The work is executed in a grid system, ensuring that the fissures interconnect. As the probe is extracted, dried seaweed is injected, which expands and contracts with changes in moisture levels, maintaining the fissures and probe holes open. This innovative approach facilitates both drainage and the flow of air to reach turf or tree roots. Moreover, the probe can also introduce water-storing polymer, mycorrhizal fungi, bio-char, slow-release tree feed nutrients, and magnesium. To ensure immediate use, the probe holes are filled with aggregate. Terrain Aeration provides various Terralift machine types to enable access to most areas. This unique Terralift system, exclusive to Terrain Aeration, has been delivering impressive results since 1985.

Visitors to Futurescape, especially those visiting the Terrain Aeration stand, can take advantage of an exclusive 10% discount on the standard cost of Terralift deep aeration. Find Terrain Aeration at Stand Number L60.

For more information, please visit Terrain Aeration at www.terrainaeration.co.uk or contact them at 01449 673783.

About Terrain Aeration:

Terrain Aeration is a leading provider of advanced aeration solutions, specializing in one-meter deep aeration for a variety of applications. Their unique Terralift system effectively alleviates compaction and drainage problems, ensuring healthier turf and tree root systems. With over three decades of experience, Terrain Aeration continues to deliver exceptional results.

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