Taking care of your lawn is more than just mowing

As weather conditions become seemingly more changeable, taking care of gardens can become problematic and unpredictable, particularly for lawn care.  With variable weather conditions from frosts to bright sunshine, and heavy snowfall to warm, sunny days all within one season, we don’t know if we’re coming or going or what is around the corner. How are lawns meant to know either?

To help overcome this and to give lawns the best start possible, lawnmower manufacturer, Allett, has some top tips.

“Taking care of your lawn is more than just mowing. Whilst that is of course vital, there are many other things to be considered. The first is feeding.


Lawn feed products will be marked with an NPK label followed by a series of numbers. These numbers are a percentage representing Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium – the three main elements that deliver nutrients to the plants and grass. For example, NPK 20-30-10 is 20% nitrogen, 30% phosphorus and 10% potassium. Among other things, each helps with the following:

Nitrogen: boosts growth speed and colour

Phosphorous: helps the grass withstand stress and stimulates root growth

Potassium: reduces disease and strengthens the grass

There is no one size fits all, you should purchase the best NPK level for your lawn requirements. For example, an established lawn will need a product with a higher Nitrogen level whereas a new lawn will need more Phosphorus to stimulate root growth, but a stressed lawn will need more Potassium to give it a helping hand.

Next up comes weeding. Don’t always turn to chemicals if you have weeds and moss appearing. The problem can often be tackled with scarification to improve the grass health. Raking the lawn with a scarifier helps to collect and remove all dead matter before it becomes thatch. This can be done manually but is back-breaking, hard work. A more comfortable alternative is Allett’s unique lawncare cartridge system, you needn’t use separate machines and can switch your mower into a scarifying rake by simply changing the cartridge.

Scarifying however can be tough on the grass – it’s a plant after all. So, help replenish water, air and nutrients by aerating the lawn. This can be done with a garden fork by poking holes one to two inches deep into the surface. However, for large lawns, again the lawncare cartridge system can be fitted with the aerator cartridge to further utilise your lawnmower.

Mowing is the main part of the lawncare regime and is the easiest way to make things look neat and tidy in the garden. It may be tempting to jump straight in and get cutting but the first cut shouldn’t be the deepest. Ease back into the lawnmowing regime when getting the mower out of storage by using a high cut setting. Using a low setting and cutting the grass short will scalp it and weaken it, causing lots more problems in the long run and encouraging weeds. Gradually lower the height with each mow, then be sure to cut regularly to keep lawns looking their best for longer and to help them withstand whatever nature throws at us this year.”

Allett has specialised in the design and manufacture of precision, single-cylinder, walk-behind mowers that produce a quintessentially striped lawn for more than 50 years. The homeowner range of Allett mowers are leaders within their various market sectors providing users with expertly built, reliable, machines that produce an effortless first-class finish every time.

Allett’s cylinder mowers are famed for giving the traditional striped finish. But getting that needn’t mean using a traditional mower. The Allett range of cylinder petrol mowers is complemented by new technologies in the Liberty lithium-ion range of battery powered models. These give the convenience of cordless mowers, without cables and with lower noise levels, but still giving the precise Allett cut. They are available in three widths (30cm, 35cm and 43cm).

The Complete Lawncare System features six interchangeable cartridges that fit on to Allett’s Kensington petrol mowers and Liberty 43 battery powered mowers. The system transforms the machine from a traditional mower to a specialist gardening tool simply by changing its cartridges. The system includes an aerator, a lawn brush, dethatcher, verticutter and a 10-bladed cartridge, as well as the walk-behind cylinder lawnmower, all in one machine which eases storage issues and reduces costs.

For further information visit www.allett.co.uk.

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