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Eden Project partnership with LifestyleGarden® sets benchmark for a new approach to ethical and sustainable business

The CEO of Eden Project International, David Harland, has given his seal of approval to the 2020 range of Eden Project-branded outdoor furniture from ...

Material matters: LifestyleGarden® becomes synonymous with material innovation

For many retailers the LifestyleGarden® brand is recognisable by the quality of product it continues to deliver season after season. Driven by design, and ...

The market is abuzz: garden retailers respond positively to LifestyleGarden®’s new Eden Project & DuraOcean® ranges

LifestyleGarden® is not a brand to do things by halves, which is why the company has kicked started the 2020 pre-season in style with not one, but two, true ...

Sustainability matters: how LifestyleGarden® is setting a new standard for sustainable business

It’s a point of principle for many businesses to be as environmentally friendly as they can be, however there is one company that is priding itself on setting ...

LifestyleGarden® launches DuraOcean®

Our planet is facing a plastic pollution crisis. Each year we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste – that’s nearly the same weight as the entire world ...

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