Suttons Launches Letterbox Gift Sets

Following a year when Suttons Seeds saw unprecedented sales of 100 million lettuces, 25 million herbs and over 15 million beetroot, the company have launched a range of letterbox-friendly gifts for those who found solace in the sowing of seeds.

Suttons, the long-established supplier of bulbs, seeds, and other horticultural products saw growth of over 2,000% during lockdown with 95% of all seed packets being for edibles.

The new range of Letterbox-friendly Gifts for Gardener’s sets are designed to fit perfectly through a standard letterbox and contain five inspiring themes to choose from; the Vegetable Garden Letterbox, Fragrant Garden, Herbs, Chilli or Wildlife Letterbox gift. Each is packed with a selection of seeds, sowing accessories, a gardener’s exfoliating hand soap and either a handy tool, themed accessory, or hand cream set.

2020’s COVID-19 pandemic may have closed front doors to the outside world, but it opened the eyes and the back doors of a whole new generation of growers. It didn’t matter whether you were blessed with acres of space, were growing vertical veg or courgettes in containers – green fingers gathered momentum. Supermarket queues and the fear of lockdown food shortages inspired a quarter of a million brand new customers to order from Suttons for the very first time.

And with many still enjoying the fruits of their lockdown labours this Autumn, these gift sets are designed to further encourage the new crop of gardeners well after the pandemic has come to an end. Plus, because they come beautifully presented straight through the letterbox they are the perfect present for those people that you will be unable to see in person. In addition the company is also selling gift cards, trees by post and a free six month extension on all experience vouchers.

The Letterbox-friendly Gifts for Gardeners Sets – all priced at £19.99   Vegetable garden letterbox set Great for both experienced veg growers or those who are just starting to garden! This get gift set features five versatile veg seed varieties, twine, plant labels, and exfoliating gardener’s soap and a handy cleaning brush for preparing your harvest. Seeds include tomatoes, beetroot, spring onion, carrots and radish.   Fragrant garden letterbox gift Give the gift of sensational scented blooms! This glorious gift set includes three packs of fragrant flower seeds, twine, mini secateurs, a gardener’s exfoliating hand soap and a trio of fragranced hand creams. Seed varieties include sweet pea, night scented stocks and lavender.   Herbs letterbox gift Perfect for those who love to cook, our herb gift set features five varieties of seeds, twine, plant labels, a gardener’s exfoliating hand soap and a handy multitool for preparing your herb harvest. Seeds varieties include chives, parsley, mint, coriander and sweet basil.   Chilli letterbox gift Perfect for chilli lovers! This fiery set comes with jalapeño, the De Cayenne. Padron, and Ring O Fire chilli seeds. It also includes labels, a bar of exfoliating gardener’s hand therapy soap and a handy jalapeño chilli corer tool to remove the seeds.   Wildlife Letterbox Gift Wonderful for wildlife lovers! Each gift box includes twine, mini secateurs, exfoliating gardener’s hand soap, plus a pressed flower kit for creating mini masterpieces from your beautiful blooms. Seeds varieties include honeybee mix, butterfly mix, the birds and the bees mix, and woodland garden mix.

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