Support World Environmental Day with The Posh Shed Company

Saving the planet and reducing plastic pollution have become two key concerns recently, following hard-hitting documentaries bringing further awareness to the matter.

The Posh Shed Company is committed to the idea of protecting the environment and supports World Environmental Day, on June 5, 2019.

Belinda Eckley, marketing manager for The Posh Shed Company, said: “As a company, we try hard to be environmentally responsible in all our processes. We only use timber from FESC sources, we promote water-based paint options and we recycle 90% of our scrap timber, either in smaller projects or as fuel for our heating systems. One of our smaller projects is our recycling store which has been designed with three integral shelves, allowing space for various recycling boxes to sit inside – it’s a clever solution to modern ‘recycling’ needs. The roof has been designed with a slope and is finished with mineral felt.  The large door allows easy access to all shelves and the five-lever lock and brass furniture, making it incredibly secure”

All of the Posh Shed recycling stores are handmade and as such sizes may vary slightly.

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