Support National Wildlife Day with The Posh Shed Company

The Posh Shed Company is encouraging gardeners to create habitable living spaces for under threat wildlife species. According to The Wildlife Trusts*, common visitors to gardens like hedgehogs, bats, sparrows and song thrushes are all declining in numbers across the UK.

The company is committed to protecting wildlife and is supporting National Wildlife Day, on September 4, 2019.


Experts suggest that there are fewer than one million hedgehogs left in the UK, with around 30 percent of the hedgehog population lost since 2002. Usually, autumn and winter are the treacherous times for these prickly creatures, however, with the recent rises in temperature affecting hibernation habits, they are on the hunt for safe havens now more than ever.


Offering a solution, The Posh Shed Company launched its Hedgehog House (£75). This structure is made from FSC-certified wood and it has a handy pull-out tunnel with a ramp to provide easy access in and out. To create a cosy home, just place a few dried leaves or hay inside and the hedgehogs will be ready to move in.

It isn’t just hedgehogs that The Posh Shed Company is trying to protect. Bats are also under threat. The Posh Bat Box (£69) is built to the recommended specifications of the Bat Conservation Trust and it is designed to be draught free and thermally stable, creating the perfect habitat for bats to roost in.

With a height of 2ft 7in (70cm) and width of 2ft 1in (60cm) at its widest point, the Posh Bat Box makes an elegant addition to the eves of a house, or perhaps on a garden tree trunk.

More than a quarter of British birds also need urgent conservation efforts to ensure their future survival. The decline in hedgerows, natural habitats and the increased numbers of predators are all factors posing serious threats to the future of some species.

This Posh Box (£26) has a simple triangular design with a 32mm hole which can home birds such as; House Sparrows, Great Tits, or The Nuthatch. The roof also lifts off for simple and quick cleaning once the birds have moved out.


Richard Frost, managing director of The Posh Shed Company, explained why supporting wildlife in the garden is a matter of great importance.

He said: “With so many species now in decline, it is our moral duty to ensure we confront this issue head-on and do our bit to make our outdoor spaces as wildlife friendly as possible. Whether you purchase a safe home for them, create a safe hedgerow or build leaf dens, by working together we can change the natural world, for the better.”

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