STIGA – The summer of wind and rain, the BIG clear up! 


This summer has not been all that we have hoped, we have been at the mercy of the wind and the rain at times.  Patios are probably not looking their best, but the STIGA team always have the answer!

Patio cleaning tips

Patios could be looking a little scruffy after the season we have had, but with a few simple tips and STIGA products, yours will look good as new!  Start with clearing any furniture or barbecues to ensure that the space is totally clear.  If any leaves or debris has fallen onto the patio, simply use a leaf blower such as the SAB 700 AE Cordless leaf blower to gather all the debris into a pile before disposing of it, or alternatively use the VS 100e Kit Cordless vacuum shredder to suck it up and shred it.

Once your patio is free of any large pesky unwanted leaves, twigs and other debris, the STIGA SWP 475 hand-propelled outdoor sweeper can be used  to pick up any extra dust, dirt and debris. This easy-to-use and manoeuvrable sweeper is quiet and ideal for moderately challenging tasks…perfect for this job!  Then it is time to move on to a good old pressure wash!

STIGA have a range of four electric pressure washers.  The STIGA HPS 345 R is a cold water pressure washer designed to clean medium-sized surfaces comfortably and easily.  Whilst the HPS 550 R is perfect for cleaning objects and larger surfaces.

Why should you keep on top of patio cleaning?
Maintaining the cleanliness of you patio is important, because if you don’t, over time this could lead to long term damage.  Cracks, grime and even moss can build up and apart from looking unsightly can actually be dangerous, causing your patio to get slippery.

Apart from the safety issue, regular cleaning will help the lifespan of your patio and help to slow down any structural damage.  A rule of thumb is to clean your patio area three to four times a year.  But it always makes sense to do so after any extreme weather too.

STIGA makes cleaning a breeze with their wide range of cleaning products and many are now on sale on their website

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