Stiga SGM 102 AE multi-mate review

If like me, you enjoy being in the garden, you will know all too well that some tasks can be a little monotonous and would benefit from some form of mechanical assistance. One of the many instances is the cutting back of grasses and perennials within the garden borders, which can not only be time-consuming but repetitive on the old hands. Now secateurs have always been the go-to favourite here at Wild Ground, that was until the Stiga SGM 102 AE multi-mate came into my possession.

I have used many 10.8V battery tools, so I know that the low voltage doesn’t always mean low performance and with that thought in mind, let’s delve into the product specification.

The SGM 102 AE multi-mate, as the name suggests, is a multifunctional tool with the functionality to accept numerous attachments to help assist in the garden.
The 10.8V integrated rechargeable battery provides steady and consistent power to your chosen accessories, two of which come as standard within the kit. The first of the attachments is an 18cm double-action hedge cutting blade, perfect for light pruning and shaping of topiary.
Then there is my favourite, the 11cm lawn shears, which are ideal for edging lawns to avoid damage to prized shrubs and ornamental trees. Switching attachments also requires no tools, due to the tool-less click system at the base.

Another neat feature of the tool is the addition of a smart, rotating and easy to adjust operating handle, providing a more comfortable experience in awkward spaces. If that wasn’t enough, it comes in a handy fold-out carry case for protecting and storing the tool.

So what’s the verdict?

The multi-mate is the perfect garden companion for those that may otherwise struggle with those small garden tasks due to painful illnesses such as arthritis thanks to its lightweight and comfortable operation. Equally, it makes the perfect tool to reduce fatigue and helps simplify tasks for all gardeners, even us commercial gardeners.
It’s the garden assistant you never knew you needed.

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