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*There are now more than a quarter of British birds needing urgent conservation efforts to ensure their future survival. The decline in hedgerows, natural habitats and the increased numbers of predators are all factors posing serious threats to the future of some species.

It is crucial that gardeners provide a beautiful yet practical sanctuary to help encourage birdlife in their garden.

The Posh Shed Company has four ranges of stunning, traditional bird boxes that can make a colourful statement in any sized garden.

The Bird Box 2017 Edition is a simple yet elegantly styled bird home. Built with an entrance hole diameter of 25mm to encourage smaller birds, this box is perfect to create a real focal point in the garden. Available in six standard pastel colours, this also has a removable cedar shingle roof to allow for easy cleaning.

If natural finishes work better in the garden, then choose the Nesting Box. This box has been designed with simplicity in mind as it’s made with pressure treated timber. This means that gardeners can either leave it as it is or paint it to match other surroundings.

For gardeners wishing to encourage larger birds into their gardens, such as House Sparrows, Great Tits, or The Nuthatch, there is a Posh Box to ensure the perfect fit. This box has a simple triangular design with a larger 32mm hole than previous designs. The roof also lifts off for simple and quick cleaning once the birds have moved out.


Richard Frost, managing director of The Posh Shed Company, offered his tips for attracting birds to the garden and making the best use of the bird box: “When putting up a bird box, it is important to consider its positioning. A major factor is ensuring it is placed out of reach from predators, so the birds are safe and not likely to get attacked by the neighbourhood cats. Placing it in a north to north-east position is recommended to avoid strong sunlight and use also should ensure that there is a clear flight path, so it can be accessed easily.”

All bird boxes within the range are hand-made and uniquely designed to look beautiful yet remain functional for potential nesting birds.

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All prices mentioned below include P&P.

Bird Box 2017 Edition –  RRP: £26

Bird Box 2018 Edition – RRP £26

Nesting Box – RRP £15

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