Speed up the waste transformation cycle with a clever composter

We’re all trying to find ways to boost our green credentials and limit our impact on the environment. One of the easiest ways to do this at home is to turn waste into compost. However, traditional composting bins can take anything from six months to two years to transform waste, which can deter many people. Innovative composting units like the CompoShere or the Aerobin Hot Composter can speed this up while making the process easier too.

It’s the perfect time of year to get the composting cycle kickstarted. As temperatures are higher through these summer months, the process will be quicker and composting now will pay dividends next year.

Aeration is key for composting. If your compost heap is too wet or compacted, then the composting process is slower, as there is less aeration. It is necessary to turn the compost to introduce air and stop the material compacting – this can be an arduous manual task, but units like the CompoSphere and Aerobin make this easier.

The CompoSphere presents an alternative to aerating compost with a garden fork – simply tumble the entire composter around the garden and it turns the contents perfectly! Every time it is rolled, the composting process is accelerated.

It has a unique spherical design, a generous 315 litre capacity and features a tread for easy rolling. It is also a great way to transport compost in and around the garden – just roll the CompoSphere to wherever you need it for easy access. For extra eco points and durability, it’s made from 100% recycled, UV protected plastic.


For an even quicker turnaround, or for a way to compost all your food waste, including bones, an Aerobin Hot Composter is the solution. The Aerobin drastically speeds up the composting process and can do it in as little as 12 weeks. It produces a very high-quality compost and concentrated liquid fertiliser that can be used to feed plants around the garden. An Aerobin also negates the need for turning compost, with its patented aeration ‘lung’.

Both the CompoSphere and Aerobin are available exclusively from Original Organics. The company supplies and manufactures products that enable people to live more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Its composting products provide ideal solutions for those looking to green up their eco credentials.

Composting kitchen and garden waste isn’t just environmentally friendly, the compost produced is an excellent fertiliser and planting medium, allowing you to nourish your garden naturally and economically.

Bacteria and micro-organisms are required to break down the organic material, and this process functions most effectively when a mix of kitchen and garden waste is combined. Ideally, fifty percent or less should be soft green material like grass cuttings, vegetable waste and manure and the rest should be composed of woody brown material like wood chippings, cardboard and dead leaves.

One of the best ways to get a rich compost is to layer it with variety – lots of grass cuttings won’t break down properly and will become slimy and smelly. It’s also best to avoid putting meat, fish, dairy, cooked food, coal ash and pet litter into a traditional composter. However, the Aerobin is designed to compost all food waste and can break down all the above.

The CompoSphere and Aerobin are exclusively available at www.originalorganics.co.uk

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