Sowing The Seeds Of Garden Planning For Next Year!

All the Burpee Europe team have heart’s that sing at this time of year…why? Well, because they know that gardeners around the UK will be thinking of what jolly splendid varieties they can grow in their gardens next year! 
In these cold and drab months, there is nothing better than getting cosy by the fire with a steaming mug of tea and flicking through your favourite seed catalogues, safe in the knowledge that Burpee Europe will have an explosion of exciting veggies, fruit and blooms for you to enjoy!
Planning a grow your own frenzy with delicious plant-based food throughout the year is so much easier nowadays.  The breeding of disease resistant and high yielding options for our British climate, has come on leaps and bounds, with Burpee Europe at the helm! So there really is nothing stopping any of us for getting sow ready for 2022!
To get you started, take a look at the new melon, cucumber and hot pepper below!
Hot Pepper ‘Reggae’
If you are simply so excited that you cannot wait to start sowing, ‘Reggae’ is the spicy treat for you! This is one of the earliest foods you can sow indoors, the months of January and February are ideal!  This brand new pepper with a compact and very well-branched habit, can be grown not only in a large pot (35–40 cm diameter), but also in the soil.
Available from Pennard PlantsPlants of Distinction and Premier Seeds Direct.

Melon ‘Budgie’
Chirping away on tidy, deep green bushes, ‘Budgie’ is an amazing development in Canary-type melons!  The sweet, aromatic,  cream-coloured flesh of the fruit has a Brix level of 15%…what a sweetie!!

Available from Pennard Plants and Simply Seed

Cucumber ‘Honey Plus’
It really is all about the honey…mummy (for those of us who remember the advert!) with cucumber ‘Honey Plus’!  This is one cool cucumber, not only is it a rather marvellous pale green to white in hue, it also has crispy, crunchy, sweet as honey flesh! It’s a baby cue too, so its perfect for fresh snacking and lunchboxes. 

Available from Plants of Distinction


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