Soil cultivation. Good soil for good plants

Soil cultivation

Time spent getting soil ready could be a very important investment that may reap rewards for several seasons to come. Soil cultivation is the straightforward principle of breaking apart and loosening soil to make good, healthy foundations. It’s additionally the method of removing weeds and guaranteeing the ground isn’t compacted in order that water, air and nutrients will get to the plants freely. This can be notably necessary when growing new plants to assist them get established in their new home.

Soil cultivation

There are several strategies for soil cultivation, all usually requiring a special tool which may cause issues for a way to store multiple tools, notably for allotment and homeowners with nominal space for storing. The WOLF-Garten multi-change® offers the capabilities of twenty seven tools in one thus eradicating this issue.

The multi-change® range consists of a series of interchangeable tool heads which may be partnered with fifteen totally different handles, giving totally different lengths and functionalities. Every handle includes a warranted mounted seat that allows it to resist vibration and absorb shock once in use, and choices of handles include light-weight recycled Aluminium, telescopic or FSC certified wood in a variety of lengths and handle designs.

The multi-change® cultivation range incorporates all the tools required to maintain borders and allotment areas in good shape. There are grubbers, hoes, ridgers, weeders, millers and rakes among others to assist keep weeds at bay, while breaking down the soil. There are a further seven hand-held tools for operating in confined areas like tiny beds, borders or containers. Every tool includes a solid, strong design with tines, prongs and blades which will resist bending, wear and corrosion.

WOLF-Garten has thirty five years’ expertise developing multi-change® tools for healthy and effective horticulture. To celebrate this brand heritage, WOLF-Garten offers a thirty five year guarantee – a real testament to product longevity and sturdiness. The system uses a patented ‘click’ connection and includes over sixty totally different|completely different} tool heads and fifteen different handles, thus is certain to cover all the garden tasks you’ll be able to consider. A handle is your multi-change® tool assortment starting point, whether or not it’s for general use or more specific applications.

For more info concerning all of this merchandise, and different things within the WOLF-Garten range, visit you’ll be able to additionally find WOLF-Garten on Twitter at @WGGardentools and on Facebook by looking for WOLF-Garten Garden Tools.

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