Snowdrop Festival welcomes the first signs of spring

Shake off the winter and welcome the first signs of spring with the National Garden Scheme Snowdrop Festival. These glorious harbingers of the wonderful life of gardens to come can be viewed in over 100 National Garden Scheme gardens throughout England and Wales during January, February and March.

On a wintry day there is nothing better than visiting a garden iridescent with one of the earliest flowering plants of the year. Whether you enjoy carpets of naturalised white in woodlands, meticulously grown rare varieties of snowdrops or gardens boasting a colourful mix of snowdrops, hellebores and other early spring flowers – there is something for galanthophiles and garden enthusiasts alike.

George Plumptre, Chief Executive of the National Garden Scheme, says:

“Over the last few years the National Garden Scheme’s Snowdrop Festival has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to gardens. But garden visiting at this time of year isn’t just for galanthophiles who are looking to discover a rare variety of snowdrop in gardens they may never otherwise find.  Snowdrops are the perfect antidote to the winter blues and spending the afternoon at one of our Snowdrop Festival gardens is the ideal opportunity to get outside and enjoy some spectacular scenes at an otherwise gloomy time of year.”

The snowdrop gardens attract high visitor numbers; the uncomplicated visitor experience – often accompanied by a warming bowl of soup or hot drinks – fresh air and the beautiful, faithful first signs of spring are a reminder of the changing seasons and the promise of what’s to come.

To find your perfect snowdrop garden, visit or download the National Garden Scheme app. 

Photo courtesy of julie skelton

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