Customers of The Posh Shed Company can now enjoy pottering about in sheds that are UNBELIEVABLY posh.

An UNBELIEVABLY Posh Shed (the new name for the company’s highest-spec build option – there are also standard POSH and VERY POSH build options) has double glazing, skirting, architraves around the doors and windows, a four-layer floor including a waterproof membrane, the customer’s choice of paint finish and many other robust yet stylish features.

According to The Posh Shed Company, this is part of a rising trend: our sheds are getting bigger and they’re getting posher. In fact, our sheds are stepping out of the shadows and into the garden limelight, becoming centerpieces in garden design.

CEO of The Posh Shed Company, Richard Frost, said: “The appetite for a better quality of shed is definitely there, with happy customers every week telling us they are proud to own an ‘original Posh shed’.

“Our UNBELIEVABLY Posh shed finish is in response to customer demand. When people buy from us, they want they best and we know how to deliver it.

Richard adds: “There has been a noticeable move to larger sheds.  In the past, the 7ft x 5ft has been the normal size but there seems to be a trend to 8 x 6 and bigger.”

Richard has put together a buyers’ guide, to help gardeners find the perfect shed for their situation.

Top tips for buying the perfect shed

  1. Size is everything

The first thing to decide is how much storage space you need, not only that but also what would still be in-keeping with your garden. You may think you need the world’s largest shed to store everything, but you also need to consider what looks the most natural. Alternatively, if space is limited, perhaps explore more unique solutions like the Allotment Shed which has a plantable roof to add greenery for those with smaller spaces. Posh Sheds are available from 4’ x 3’ to 10’ x 8’, or bespoke creations can be made to your exact measurements and specifications and fit into awkward spaces that might otherwise be unused.

  1. Position

When positioning your shed, bear access in mind to ensure you can easily get to its contents -even in the rain. It may also be helpful to place it near a path to save walking over the lawn. If your shed is to serve a practical purpose then you will appreciate it being nearer the house, but if it’s to be your new sanctuary or an additional room for some peace and quiet, then you’ll soon thank yourself for having it as far away from the house as possible!

Planning permission is not usually required for a new shed, however if you are concerned we recommend contacting your local planning authority just to check.

A sturdy base is the foundation of all great sheds. Under the shed, you will require a base, i.e. something for it to stand on which will ensure good airflow and longevity of the shed.  This can be gravel, slabs, concrete or tarmac. If the base is larger than the shed’s footprint then guttering is recommended.

  1. Built to last

Your shed should be built to last. It should be durable, strong and ready to take on the elements. Our unique triple skinned walls ensure the shed stays dry inside plus we always use a high-quality redwood timber to give superior strength, which is then pinned together for additional resilience and fully treated with timber protection.

Posh Shed floors are made from treated 18mm weatherproof (WBP) plyboard on tanolised timber bearers. A heavy-duty weatherproof membrane is used to seal the floor for added protection from the elements.

Our walls are uniquely built using a triple wall construction, not available from any other shed manufacturer. We use a redwood timber frame, then a 6mm WBP Plywood skin fitted to the inside, with cladding, again, made of redwood timber, on the outside. A fully waterproof and breathable membrane is sandwiched between the layers.

  1. Style

A shed is no longer just a wooden construction that people want to hide. It should be the star of the garden, a perfect way to add some extra style. Whether it’s for storage, practical gardening and potting, or something entirely different, there is a shed style for you.

From the traditional potting style to gothic and beach hut inspired; with built-in storage, facias and windows there are many things to choose from. That’s before you get to the roof! Our roofs are all finished with a layer of weatherproof membrane and then either slate effect tiles, wooden cedar shingles or felt shingles.

People spend hours deliberating over the paint choice for inside their house so why not have the same approach for your shed?  We use high-end paint brands to give our sheds a perfect finish in a whole variety of colours to really help personalise your shed.

  1. Accessorise

You can personalise your shed through accessorising. Our sheds allow you the freedom to pick your windows, the placement of them and the fittings for them. Likewise, you can choose the details for your doors with our furniture available in black, chrome or brass effect. Our windows and doors, with the option of toughened glass, are in robust frames, hinged to keep the elements out. We recommend guttering to extend the longevity of your shed and to protect the wood from the British weather.

Inside the shed you can add shelving, work benches, hooks, racks and cupboards. You can even have solar power allowing you to stay outdoors longer by powering a lamp and even your phone charger.

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