Sheds – a Posh buyer’s guide

The garden shed – a staple product in British gardens. These structures are brilliantly versatile and can be used in various ways; for storage of equipment and tools, as a potting shed to plant up pots and grow seeds; or as an extra room for quiet relaxation. They offer great storage space for bulky items like garden furniture BBQ’s and bicycles and can be your hobby hide-out when there’s no more space in the house.

But finding the right shed for your needs can seem tricky. That’s where The Posh Shed Company can help. Our guide is here to help you choose the best shed for you and your outdoor space.



Understanding how you plan to use the shed can help you choose the right one for your needs. Of course, you can use it for many things, and these might change over time. It’s this flexibility that make sheds such a valuable addition to your garden.

You may have just one job in mind and if so, there could be a specific shed that’s perfectly suited to your needs. If you’re looking for a shed to store and care for plants, then The Potting Shed is the answer. This multi-use shed has a steep pitched roof with a generous overhang which, along with the traditional double window design comes together to give it a time-honoured look which will blend into any garden.

Or perhaps a space for outdoor hobbies? The Contemporary will do the trick thanks to the generous space inside. The neat straight lines of this shed, along with the unusual offset roof, gives a modern look to make a contemporary statement in the garden. Available in five size options, it has ample space to set up a pottery studio or perhaps a quiet haven outside the home.


Size and location

There are lots of things to think about when selecting a suitable spot for your shed. If you have a large garden, all factors could be important, but if you’re more limited for space, simply ensure that the area is as safe and secure as possible.

Look for an area that is: on level, secure ground, as dry as possible and not likely to be affected by possible flooding, accessible from all sides for easy maintenance and away from overhanging trees.

For homeowners with larger outdoor space, The Gardener is the perfect fit. Part of the ‘Tin Hat’ range,  this classic shed has an innovative design which allows you to configure it to the size best suited to your space and needs. To ensure it is made to last, it’s made from solid pressure treated timber and a 0.7mm galvanised sheet roof.

Or for gardeners with limited space, the Ludlow fits neatly in any corner of the garden thanks to its unique design. With a wavy facia and ridge board plus the gothic style window it’s sure to look good anywhere. At only 4ft x 3ft, it will fit into the smallest of spaces, but the high roof still offers plenty of storage space.

Posh Sheds do not normally require planning permission to be put up.



Wooden sheds are generally considered to be the most attractive – it’s nice to have a natural looking building in your garden as opposed to one made of metal or plastic. All Posh Shed’s are made from pressure-treated timber with a selection of roofing options and provided they are maintained correctly will last for years.

A Posh Shed will also create a fantastic focal point in the garden.

A great example is the Gothic Shed with its detailed fascia boards and gothic styling on the door and window frames. This shed, available in five size options is a wonderful addition to any garden.

There is more to consider than just what to use the space for. If you are looking for a shed that will have the space you need that is made from the best pressure treated timber and will also stand out in your garden, then there is a Posh Shed for you.


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