Sensationally Sweet and Super Cool – Cucumber ‘Honey Plus’ 

It really is all about the honey mummy with this gorgeous new variety ‘Honey Plus’!  This is one cool cucumber which is delightful to look at and gorgeous to eat!  And what a sweet baby cue this is, with its smooth pale-green to white skin and crispy-crunchy, sweet-as-honey, golden fleshed fruit!

Bred by Burpee Europe, ‘Honey Plus’ was originally available from just a handful of UK seed companies, but now you can get your mitts on these little pale green treasures from a whole host of seed companies.

It is highly productive with the plants yielding glossy 155-225 g fruits in just 40 days. Great for fresh snacking, children’s packed lunch boxes, sandwiches, salads and pickling.

Sun: full sun
Height: 75–90 cm
Spread: 50 cm
Fruit size: 155–225 g
Days to maturity from sowing: 40
Uses: greenhouse culture (north),outdoor plants (south)

Cucumber ‘Honey Plus’ seeds are available now from various UK Seed companies.


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