Sales of Houseplants Still on the Rise

Lechuza offers innovative way to keep houseplants healthy

According to the Garden Centres Association, houseplant sales were 8.64 per cent up in December 2019 and this followed a strong autumn in which garden centres across the UK reported a 13.45 per cent rise in sales.

With houseplants more popular than ever, Lechuza, makers of designer planters, have come up with a functional yet attractive way of ensuring the health of our beloved indoor plants.

Many plants are purchased enthusiastically but then wither and die due to a lack of watering – or sometimes, over-watering.

To counter this, each Lechuza planter comes with a removable liner, which creates a water reservoir at the bottom. This unique sub-irrigation system provides plants with the exact amount of water they need for optimum growth as the roots will only draw up the water they need. This means the plant can be left without the need for top-up watering.  In summer months, when plants require more nutrition, liquid feed can also be added to the water reservoir.

Lechuza makes planters suitable for any size of plant – from the tiniest succulents or herbs (try the little Mini Deltini, pictured left, which has a planting depth of 7.5cm) to giant yuccas and palms (try the large CUBICO Stone High, which offers 25cm of planting).

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Created in Germany, LECHUZA is the expert for attractive and functional planters that allow you to create a wonderful green oasis with ease. LECHUZA planters are manufactured from high-quality, weatherproof, durable plastics and contain a unique sub-irrigation system, removable planter liners, and a wide range of accessories. LECHUZA planters and furniture are manufactured at our environmentally-certified production site in Dietenhofen, Germany, to the highest production standards. LECHUZA’S self-watering system ensures your plants are getting just the right amount of water and hydration needed for optimal growth. The handy water level indicator tells you exactly when you need to top up your plant and the supply shaft allows you to easily add water or fertiliser when required. With regular watering, to begin with, plants take root in 12 weeks or less. Once the roots are established, they start to take in the water when needed, saving both time and effort on maintenance. The removable liner in LECHUZA plant pots makes plants easy to manage by allowing you to pot your chosen flowers with ease before placing into the planter.

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