Woolmans Offers a New Series of Regal Pelargoniums with Real Flower Power!

Ornamental plant specialists Woolmans is launching a new collection of regal pelargoniums which it claims will flower non-stop outside through the summer months.

Much famed for its chrysanthemums and dahlias, Woolmans has been trialling a selection of old fashioned regal pelargoniums, but has been disappointed with the amount of flowers plants produce.


Tom Stimpson of Woolmans comments “We all love and admire what we might call ‘old fashioned regals’, the ones our grandparents may have grown and ones which were hugely popular in Victorian times. However, as attractive as these are, it can be difficult to get them into flower. So, you can imagine how excited we were when we spotted a modern selection at trials last summer – all in full bloom and looking fantastic!”

Pelargoniums from the Elegance series are naturally well-branched with large clusters of voluptuous (very often multi-coloured) flowers and bright green foliage which contrasts superbly with the vibrantly coloured blooms.

“We grew a selection of colours last summer and were so impressed” says Tom. “The flowers are large in size, beautifully coloured with intricate mottles and markings, and they were in flower from June through to November – we even brought a few inside to continue flowering through the winter months! We’re thrilled to be offering this new series of regal pelargonium to our customers and are confident they’ll enjoy growing them”.

The varieties from the Elegance range the company is listing are; Adele, Imperial, Jeanette, Lavender Splashed and Red Velvet – all priced at £10.95 for 5 plants. A collection of one of each can be bought for £11.95 and a double collection (two of each) can be purchased for £17.90 with a saving of £6.

Plants will be despatched from late March 2018.
Lavender Splashed
Red Velvet


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