Reduce your footprint on the environment with Town and Country’s new eco-friendly doormats

Autumnal weather and muddy walks are always something to look forward to after the suffocating heat of the summer, particularly after the stifling heatwaves experienced this year. There’s nothing quite like stepping through the front door after a bracing walk, with the promise of a mug of something hot to warm you up. Town & Country has developed a range of door mats to make your return home even sweeter, as they will prevent remnants of the walk from following you throughout the house. Even better, is the fact that they are all made with sustainability in mind – just as the moto of the responsible rambler is ‘leave no trace’, Town & Country believes this mindset should be continued throughout the home.

Luxury Absorbent Mat and Runner

Runner 50x110cm RRP: £29.99

Mat 50x75cm RRP: £17.99

The thick, soft pile on these very high-quality mats is, surprisingly, made from recycled plastic bottles. Each mat is made using around five and a half bottles, while the runner uses eight. The absorbency of the pile locks in dirt and moisture, so is perfect for high traffic areas, and is low profile enough to fit under most doors. The mats are machine washable too, making them ideal for areas that with see a lot of use.

Coir & Rubber Mat

45x75cm RRP: £17.99

Town & Country has selected a high-grade coir for this chunky coir and rubber mat to make it stand out from the crowd. The weaving of the material has been done in a way that minimises shedding, which can be a common problem with lower quality coir mats. Coir is a naturally sustainable product, as it is generated from the discarded husks of coconuts. Unlike some other similar products on the market, Town & Country’s mats use coir that has been through a dry production process, to prevent any possible water contamination.

Recycled Door Keeper

45x75cm RRP: £19.99

This is a fully recycled doormat – the backing is made from recycled tyres, and the pile from recycled bottles. Using recycled tyres is not only a great eco-friendly solution, but it also gives the mat a lot of weight so that it stays in place and keeps flat. The pile has been designed to create a circular pattern, which not only looks attractive, but also provides additional scraping properties. This doormat can be used both inside and out, making it a great option for multiple spaces.

Door Butler Mat & Boot Scraper

40x60cm RRP: £19.99

32×39 cm RRP: £17.99

This traditional looking doormat benefits from coir brushes held within a rubber frame to provide a really hard-wearing mat to deal with even the toughest of mud. The added drainage keeps the mat safe and in top condition as water can drain away, preventing it from becoming waterlogged.

The Boot scraper has all of the benefits of the Door Butler Mat, in a smaller size to make it perfect for use in small porches or by the back door.

Recycled Boot Tray

38x73cm RRP: £9.99

A boot tray by name, but multi-functional in nature! Made from recycled polypropylene – approximately 14 plastic bottles per tray – this mat will store boots and shoes neatly by the door, stopping mud and water leaking onto the floor, but is also great to use in the car boot to keep things neat. It can even be used in the garden under plant pots to hold water, or when potting to contain mess. Its 3cm lip is ideal for retaining water and dirt.

Town & Country is recognised as one of the UK’s leading gardening brands and offers one of the most comprehensive collections of gardening gloves and footwear whilst demonstrating an attention to detail matched by few others, if any, in the industry. It takes this responsibility seriously, and as it branches into new sectors, it is dedicated to finding sustainable materials and methods of production for its products, as demonstrated with this new range.

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