First for the UK: Innovative raw and raw inspired pet food launched at Crufts

raw pet food

Natures Menu, the UK’s number one and Europe’s leading expert in raw pet food, has officially launched the ultimate natural nutrition for cats and dogs, True Instinct – truly raising the bar of the natural sector with a super-premium innovative range.

According to research,* 69% of UK pet owners feel guilty feeding their dog or cat a dry food with a low meat content, despite the convenience it offers. This is where True Instinct comes in, combining the convenience of dry with the natural power and taste of raw. Following a £2.8million investment in new technology at the company’s state of the art factory in Norfolk, the new innovative range is made from premium quality meat, fish and natural ingredients – all inspired by cats and dogs’ true nature.

True Instinct specialises in premium nutrition, is free from grain and gluten and only made with natural raw and raw-inspired ingredients. The new range is a complete and balanced innovative nutrition, including frozen raw bites, high meat raw boosted dry, high meat wet fillets, and freeze-dried raw meat/fish treats.

In true market leading style, the True Instinct raw boosted dry nutrition known as ‘Raw Boost’ is an exciting and ground-breaking development for the pet food industry. Combining premium quality high meat bites, made with fresh meat, mixed with freeze dried deboned raw meat/fish pieces, the product offers the convenience of dry with all the benefits of raw. True Instinct offers pure, natural and nutritious meals across various popular formats, all containing premium quality deboned meats and fish as the main ingredient. Each meal is balanced with vegetables, high quality botanicals and superfoods, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservative nasties.

There is a range specifically tailored for Medium/Large Breed Adult Dogs, Small Breed Adult Dogs, Puppies and Adult Cats with a selection of delicious combinations including; Turkey with Duck and Salmon with Tuna, as well as Free Range Chicken as a staple across all ranges.

Craig Taylor, Managing Director of Natures Menu and raw advisor to the PFMA, said: “The health of pets is at the heart of everything we do. Using our expertise in raw and natural food, we have worked tirelessly to create the ultimate high meat natural raw and raw inspired food that’s nutritious and inspired by our pet’s natural instincts – it’s a super-premium product using healthy, honest ingredients, that we know cats and dogs love.

“We believe pets live a healthier, happier life when they follow their instincts, and to nurture this behaviour they deserve the best nutrition that we can give them – this plays a critical role in maintaining our pet’s optimal physical condition, keeping them healthy, inquisitive and fulfilled, every day.

“Raw feeding has shown to have numerous health benefits for cats and dogs but we understand the convenience aspect of dry food can be more appealing for busy pet owners. With True Instinct and Raw Boost in particular, we’ve developed the ultimate raw inspired, high-meat dry nutrition, containing freeze dried pieces of raw meat and fish in a dry format. It’s the convenience of dry combined with the natural power and taste of raw in every bite, and we truly believe it will revolutionise the way people feed their pets.”

With over 35 years’ experience in feeding raw, and endorsement from a team of professional vets, Natures Menu is proud to be a pioneer and innovator of Europe’s natural, raw and raw inspired pet food category. Natures Menu’s products are made with high quality meats and fish, blended vegetables, fruits and healthy carbohydrates, and it uses British suppliers and ethical product sources wherever possible.

For more information or to place an order, please visit or call 0800 0183770.

* Data Source: GFK 2015


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