Putting the Trust Back into Trades With ‘OAP Trustworthy’

Hardly a day goes by without a ‘rogue trader’ story making it on to the television; those unscrupulous tradespeople who come into the homes of the vulnerable and profit in any way that they can. Enough is enough for one UK firm, set up specifically to fight this social scourge.
They’re prevalent in all areas of the service industries; from builders and plumbers to cleaners and mobile hairdressers, taking advantage of the trust that is put in them and giving a bad name to all of the reputable agents in the market. Help your company stand out from the crowd and show your customers that yours is a brand that they can turn to with confidence, with O.A.P. Trustworthy accreditation.

CaxAHh0W4AAxdxvO.A.P. Trustworthy is a national organisation created to provide a means for reputable and
responsible tradespeople to show their commitment to honesty, transparency and exceptional customer service. In gaining O.A.P. Trustworthy accreditation, tradesmen and women can show prospective customers not only that they are proficient at their chosen craft, but that they can be entrusted to work with vulnerable people: the elderly; the infirm; those with disabilities. The O.A.P. Trustworthy logo brings peace of mind to potential clients and a positive reputation to the individuals and businesses who wish to serve them.
Every trades-person and service provider registered with O.A.P. Trustworthy is tested for their suitability; background checks – including DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) – are made, professional qualifications, insurance and references are verified, and every member is asked tosign the O.A.P. Trustworthy code of practice before being welcomed to the organisation.
OAPT logo web (1)While the police and Trading Standards work hard to tackle the crooked and corrupt, it can be
difficult for those who have suffered at the hands of rogue traders to recover from the experience and learn to trust again. These people are tarnishing the entire industry and, most importantly, ruining innocent customer’s lives.
O.A.P Trustworthy exist to accredit members, carrying out relevant checks to ensure tradespeople actually are who they say they are, and not unscrupulous individuals working under false and dishonest pretences.
The best way to eliminate dishonest practises is to make sure that reputable traders fill every gap in the market so that there is nowhere for them to ply their deceitful trades. By joining together under the O.A.P. Trustworthy banner, we can put an end to rogue traders once and for all.
For more information on O.A.P. Trustworthy, please visit the official website at
http://www.oaptrustworthy.com or use the contact details with this release.


Eliminating Rogue Traders
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