Primeur Unveils Next-Generation Recycled Planters for Sustainable Gardening


Embrace sustainability in the upcoming 2024 gardening season with Primeur’s cutting-edge recycled planters designs and colorways. Elevate your outdoor offerings and cater to the rising demand for eco-friendly solutions with these new additions to Primeur’s acclaimed portfolio of landscaping and decorative products.

New Designs

Remaining true to their commitment to environmental responsibility, Primeur’s latest containers are crafted from recycled rubber tires, diverting common waste material from landfills and contributing to the reduction of environmental impact. These innovative planters are a must-have for garden retailers seeking to align with eco-suppliers and provide conscientious consumers with greener choices.

  1. Barrel (RRP £99.99):
  • Rustic charm meets functionality with the newly designed Whiskey Barrel.
  • Dimensions: 38cm in height and 54cm in width.
  • Lightweight, plant-safe, UV- and frost-resistant for durability.
  • Eco-friendly and complements various plant types.
recycled planters
A vertical shot of a small-leafed green plant in a brown pot next to a house entrance. Perfect for a house decor scenario.
  1. Cello (RRP £39.99):
  • Introducing the elegant Cello planter with a classic shape and wavy ribbed pattern.
  • Available in a sleek slate color to blend seamlessly with any space.
  • Features Primeur’s built-in watering system.
  • Dimensions: 36cm in height and 33cm in width.
  1. Alto (RRP £79.99):
  • Drive sales with the modern elegance of the Alto planter.
  • Sleek and contemporary design for interior or garden spaces.
  • Slate color and equipped with a built-in watering system.
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 38cm.
Tree in a flowerpot on wall background

Fresh Colorways

Responding to the surge in container gardening popularity, Primeur introduces new colors to enhance both sales areas and homes. The best-selling Sonata core range and Octavia planters will now be available in new blossom, oak, and cappuccino colorways in 2024, alongside the existing slate and steel grey options.

These new shades can also be stocked to order for the Sonata trough, Aria, Concerto, and Symphony planters, with a new palette of terracotta, lime, and heather also available upon request.

Jenny Douthwaite, Primeur Managing Director, expresses the company’s commitment to sustainability and style, stating, “With both container gardening and environmental awareness increasing every season, sustainability is imperative for Primeur, and the new container shapes have been designed to introduce both style and greener solutions into the garden.”

Primeur’s products are complemented by attractive point-of-sale displays highlighting the unique benefits of recycled rubber. Stands and pallet displays optimize space and encourage cross-selling, providing retailers with an appealing showcase for their customers.

Get in Touch:
For information on Primeur’s Tierra Verde self-watering planters or to find a local stockist, call 01274 518800, visit the website at, or email

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